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Decrypted: The major ransomware attack you probably didn’t hear about

Watching the news this past week was like drinking from a firehose. Speaking of which, you probably missed a busy week in cybersecurity, so here are the big stories from the past week. THE BIG PICTURE

Top Israeli VC talks cybersecurity, diversity and ‘no go’ investments

Jerusalem Venture Partners has raised more than $1.4 billion raised over two decades, powering some of Israel's largest cybersecurity startups.

Investors like Walmart and Microsoft back Team8’s cybersecurity venture studio with $85 million

The Israeli cybersecurity venture studio Team8 has raised $85 million in new financing from a clutch of new and returning strategic investors including Walmart, Airbus, SoftBank, and Microsoft&#8217

Microsoft Ventures backs Illusive Networks, a cybersecurity firm that protects with deception

Illusive Networks, a cybersecurity startup based out of Israel that protects networks by building “deception” frameworks to identify and trap malicious hackers, is today announcing that it

How the tiny startup Phantom Cyber scored big at RSA

According to 451 Research, over 100 new security startups are formed each year. Add that to ~1300 existing security vendors that are shouting each other out in the marketplace. What you have is a lot

The Startup Landscape For Cybersecurity Companies In Israel

There are more than 300 cybersecurity companies operating in Israel, making it an industry second only to the U.S. in size. In 2014, exports by Israeli cybersecurity companies reached $6B, equating to

Cybersecurity Firm Illusive Networks Raises $22M Series B, Looks To Protect Through Deception

Sometimes the best way to protect data is to make it appear as vulnerable as possible. Illusive networks, an Israeli cybersecurity firm launched just a few months ago, has captured the attention of in

Security Startup Illusive Networks Uses Deception To Catch Hackers

Imagine you’re a red-blooded hacker and you want to break into a corporate network. You find your way in, probably by stealing someone’s credentials. Then you go to work. You move around