Instagram’s Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps disappear from app stores

A week after Instagram confirmed its plan to shut down its standalone IGTV app in order to better focus on initiatives, like Reels, the company confirmed it’s pulled two more of its older apps f

DJI upgrades its 4k handheld gimbal camera with zoom lens, motion timelapse

DJI just announced an upgraded version of its lovely Osmo camera. Called the Osmo Plus, this model offers key features not found on the original Osmo such as zoom, motion timelapse and an improved st

Instagram Pulls Back The Curtain On The Engineering Magic Behind Hyperlapse

Instagram has posted a new update to its Engineering blog, revealing some of the neat tricks and tech advances employed to make its new Hyperlapse app work as well as it does. For those unfamiliar w

Hands-On With Hyperlapse, Instagram’s New Video Creation App

Instagram has just launched a brand new standalone app <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/08/26/instagram-hyperlapse/">called Hyperlapse</a>, which focuses entirely on mobile video creation. The

Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App Makes Mobile Timelapse And Steady Video Capture Easy

Instagram is building new apps that aim to do more with mobile photography, and today they’re launching Hyperlapse (via Wired), which allows you to make timelapse videos using standard video cap

Google Street View Hyperlapse Is An Experimental New Way Of Wandering The World

Google Street View is maybe one of the most interesting and under appreciated technical developments of the past decade, but it's all a little static when viewed through standard channels like Google