Acer's Media Center Remote Is A Sleek, Touchable Slab

<img src="" />If you use a PC for your media center, you might have had trouble locating a suitable control device for it, if you're using

Control Your HTPC With This Monolithic Keyboard/Keypad/Joystick

<img src=""> I'm not sure how many HTPCs are out there with the rise of streaming Netflix boxes and the like, but if you're still

TrimSlice, A Tiny Tegra PC With All The Trimmings

The TrimSlice is a mini-PC with a mission: to be amazingly small and light and feature TV-in and a number of useful and surprising outputs. It is, in short, one of the coolest kiosk or dedicated use P

New Elgato EyeTV hybrid is smaller, more compatible

<img src="">Elgato just released the updated version of their USB tuner, the EyeTV. This new version has been resized (smal

Mvix announces Ultio Pro media center

<img src="" />Mvix's Ultio Pro looks suspiciously like a commercial version of an HTPC. Designed with 1080p decoding, network media playba

Patriot Box Office Media Player gets reviewed

<img src="" />I'm afraid it's time for me to upgrade my media center. My old Xbox just isn't cutting it any more, between the composite inp

Super skinny media center PC fits behind your TV

I’ve never heard of Piixl but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold a place in my heart. This 3GHz Core 2 Duo machine mounts right behind your HDTV and will cost about $4,000, a pretty p

This could be the ultimate HTPC controller

<img src="">This little controller is butt-ugly and crude, but I still want one really bad. Maybe Santa will bring me one

Viewsonic joins the HTPC fray

<img src="" />Viewsonic, best known for their displays, has just set their sights on the HTPC market. Jumping in with two mod

The 5 best uses for the $229 Dell Zino HD

Dell just went official with the Inspiron Zino HD price and spces. There have been a few unboxing and previews popping up around the blogs the last few days and I’ve fallen in love with the litt

Dell Inspiron Zino HD: a baby Dell HTPC

<img src="" />We know practically nothing about this machine, but from the two spy photos we can see, it looks interesting. Based on its p

Maingear's luxury gaming-HTPC comes with a Phantom Lapboard

While I think this Maingear HTPC looks good, and it’s certainly spec’ed well, I’m not sure I buy the idea of serious PC gaming in the living room. Gaming from your couch is about lay

IOGEAR announces wireless USB Audio/Video kit

<img src="" /> IOGEAR announced a wireless USB audio/video adapter today. Seems like it could be interesting.

Epson intos the tiny, Blu-ray pack'n PC ST120 computer

This could possible be the answer to dwellers of shoe-box sized apartments looking for a full-featured HTPC. Check it: a Core 2 Due P8400 CPU, 1GB of RAM (upgrade that), up to 320GB HDD, a digital T

Onkyo HDC-1L HTPC/netop: now with less audiophile goodies

The first-gen Onkyo hasn’t exactly made a splash in the HTPC market – do you know anyone that owns one? – but maybe the new models will help the home theater namesake penetrate m

DIY: turn an unused TiVo into a HTPC

I love it! The hardest part about building a HTPC always seems to be finding a case that doesn’t look out of place with the other AV equipment. Even specialty built HTPC cases still don’t

CrunchDeal: HP 64-Bit Pavilion loaded with Blu-ray & 500GB for $599

Looking for a compact, but still loaded, HTPC? HP is offering $400 of a $999 s3500T series system (coupon code DT1158), allowing you to configure one nice system and seeing the price drop nearly in h

Acer Aspire X1200 desktops are tiny but loaded

Acer recently announced its series of X1200 small form factor desktops. There are three models ranging in price from $450 to $700. The X1200-U1520A and the X1200-U1510A are both available now for $450

OSXBMC for Mac re-named: Say hello to Plex

The media hub once known as Xbox Media Player, then Xbox Media Center, then XBMC, then ported to Intel-based Macs and called OSXBMC is now known as Plex. The name change was announced at the weekend,

XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition

Flickr’d Formerly named Xbox Media Center, XBMC made the original Xbox useful long past its sell-by date, and it’s now been ported over to Mac OS X. Well, it’s been available for OS
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