Acer's Media Center Remote Is A Sleek, Touchable Slab

If you use a PC for your media center, you might have had trouble locating a suitable control device for it, if you’re using the plain mouse-based interface. Sure, there are air mice and you can always use keyboard shortcuts, but those are kind of weak compared with this great device from Acer that just hit the FCC.

It’s basically a big touchpad like that you might use on your laptop, and you can drag, click, and do multi-touch gestures. But here’s the cool part: by pressing one of those buttons there on the right, the controls you see light up and anyone can make the plain play/pause/next and basic navigation commands. Nice feature for handing it over to a kid or parent who might not be as savvy with the HTPC.

It’s Windows 7 compatible, has a “G-sensor” inside (accelerometer, I assume), and works over 2.4GHz RF. I look forward to the official release, this thing may have more features we don’t know about.

[via Wireless Goodness]