• If It's On The Internet, It Must Be True

    Editor’s note: Jon Orlin is the Production Director for TechCrunch TV This past week, formerly unknown actress Elyse Porterfield fooled millions playing Jenny, the fired Dry Erase girl, in a clever hoax. Right now, I guarantee other pranksters are dreaming up new schemes to fool you again. And journalists, who at one time were tasked with protecting the public from such lies, no… Read More

  • Steorn attempts to fleece us again with magic free energy

    The funniest thing about this whole Steorn/Orbo business is that my dad essentially built the same thing last year with a bike wheel, some paper clips, and some fridge magnets. This “revolution for energy production” is repeatedly pooh-poohed by the community, though they are denounced by Steorn as being closed-minded for being so. Really? Maybe they just see how incredibly… Read More

  • Star Simpson talks about her arrest at Boston airport – for wearing an LED sweatshirt

    http://cdn.episodic.com/player/EpisodicPlayer.swf?config=http%3A%2F%2Fcdn.episodic.com%2Fshows%2F21%2F164%2F10%2Fconfig.xml Star Simpson arrived at the Boston’s Logan airport wearing a wonky-looking LED sweatshirt and holding a clay flower. Putting two and two together, the state police patrolling the airport decided she was a suicide bomber and tackled, arrested, and shackled her… Read More

  • Bigfoot finding a hoax? Say it ain’t so! It is so, though

      Just received a big, long comment on our original Bigfoot post (found here) concerning the events that have taken place over the past week or so. Would you believe that this whole Bigfoot thing is looking more and more like a hoax? Can you believe it?!! Looks like the Bigfoot’s foot was apparently made of rubber and that a sample of the creature’s hair, when burned… Read More

  • Laptop battery life to last 30 years?

    Fed up with shoddy battery life on your laptop? You’d be lying to me if you said otherwise. I’m not so sure how legitimate this is, but the US Air Force Research Laboratory has had a hand in the creation of a continuous battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge. The betavoltaic power cells are assembled from semiconductors and use radioisotopes as the energy source. Read More

  • Apple Charges $5 to Enter Apple Store? (Actually, No It Doesn't. It's a Joke.)

    At the time of this writing, 763 people dugg a BBspot story claiming that Apple had started charging $5 to enter Apple Stores. The theory behind the move was that it’d discourage people from crowding the store while gawking at the iPhone. It’s kinda like Bloomberg’s proposed traffic congestion tax. Only this story is fake. BBspot “produces a variety of features like… Read More

  • Samsung Smörgåsbord Smells Like…

    I’m usually on-board with the mobile phones that Samsung puts out on the market, but the 5200 makes me scratch my head and rethink my loyalties. The dual slide design is nice and all, but you can’t rip the QWERTY out in favor of gaming controls. WTF! It runs on WinMo so I could care less about the 2.8-inch touchscreen, 3-megapixel camera and HDSPA. Does anyone else notice the… Read More

  • iPhone Shuffle Announced

    No screen, low cost, and a 50-percent manufacturing savings for Apple. Is it a dream? No! It’s the iPhone Shuffle, an exciting new phone that’s loaded with absolutely no-features and comes with a coupon redeemable for a free sundae at Dairy Queen (aka CrunchGear HQ). It’s due out Q4 and sports some of today’s leading technologies like crushed walnuts and whipped cream. Read More