The Lumos Matrix is the ideal urban bike helmet for a smarter, safer day trip

Many of us are still more or less confined to our own homes and limited social spaces for the foreseeable future, and for a lot of you, that has led to a rediscovery of the joys of biking. Bike riding

Wear your helmet, concludes new study showing electronic scooter injuries have nearly tripled in the last four years

Taking a ride on an electronic scooter soon? Wear your helmet! According to a recent study published in JAMA Surgery, not wearing headgear or taking other precautions while riding is increasingly send

The Coros LINX is a smart bike helmet that makes sense

While cycling apps are thick on the ground, a full gadget ecosystem is hard to come by. Seattle startup Coros is looking to change that with the Linx, a helmet-app combo (with handlebar controller) th

The Virtual Cocoon: Why leave the house when you can put on a helmet and ‘go’ places, right?

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/vc.jpg" />This is the Virtual Cocoon, a British device that promises to allow “armchair travelers... hear the roar of lions on safari,

Helmet watches keep you safe while telling time

Mechanical “digital” watches were all the rage just before the advent of the true, digitial LCD watch. This watch, complete with wee helmet, is the best of that hearty breed and is actuall

SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Bern, The Only Helmet You'll Ever Need

Bern is a small time outfit doing big, big things in the helmet world and CrunchGear always roots for the little guy. Bern made a name for themselves at the Torino Olympics when team rider Seth Wescot

Schuberth J1 Super Helmet

The Schuberth J1 Helmet looks so cool that it kind of makes me want to get a bike just so I can use one. Beneath that distinctive futuristic styling is a collection of advanced features designed to pr