• Live out your Airwolf slash fiction with the Silverlit Heli-Mission

    This Heli-Mission Swat truck is heli cool. It’s basically a helicopter inside a truck that you can drive around and then make the helicopter come out and do some missions like “flying into the coffee table” and “hitting the wall and breaking.” The truck/helicopter combo costs $99 and will be available soon, according to SlashGear. Video after the jump. Read More

  • AI chopper flies self, kills none

    On Monday, computer scientists at Stanford demonstrated their AI helicopter, sending it flying around campus all on its own. Instead of reveling in its new found freedom, the ‘copter performed aerobatics that it learned from watching a radio-controlled helicopter flown by a human. The AI system communicates with a ground-based computer that does the actual guiding. Each helicopter… Read More

  • Drones use AI, not GPS, to frag you

    Sure this thing has GPS built-in but it uses a number of clever algorithms so it won’t be completely dependent on geographic position and can even do crazy arial acrobatics. The best part is where they throw balls at the thing and when it stays essentially in the same place without moving. This stuff is cool but extremely scary. via Giz Read More

  • Live the excitement in AirFox Live, a live feed of a Fox-affiliate chopper

    If you want to live the excitement of flying aimlessly around Chicago until news breaks, pop over to AirFox Live. Chicago’s WFLD has outfitted its news chopper with GPS and its current position as well as what it’s filming appears in a Google Maps window next to the live video feet. Jason Kinkaid at TC says it’s riveting stuff but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Read More

  • DIY tiny helicopter-powered blimp

    Those tiny foam helicopters are nigh impossible to control; I broke one by crashing it into a bookcase last summer. A project at Make remedies this, and teaches you, reader, how to construct your own, easy-to-fly blimp of sorts. You’ll need two of those helicopters, wizzzzadrrrrry, something called a dowel and some actual skill. Having none, I’ll pass. Best done while not fighting… Read More

  • The guy from Once reviews IR helicopters: I know, WTF, right?

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/4413/bbtv_2007-12-20-220803.flv Not sure what Glen Hansard is doing reviewing wee little helicopters, but lets hope he finds love and affection in his new job as BoingBoing’s gadget reviewer. via BB Read More