• What ‘mobile’ should mean for healthcare Crunch Network

    What ‘mobile’ should mean for healthcare

    Ask a set of healthcare professionals about the future and they’ll answer: “Mobile.” But after a number of recent discussions with healthcare executives, I’ve noticed the industry is lacking a clear definition of what “mobile” really means. Read More

  • Applying analytics to clinical data Crunch Network

    Applying analytics to clinical data

    Advanced technologies and the rapid adoption of electronic health records are enabling the physical world to merge with the digital, leading to explosive growth in the volume and quality of clinical data. Cognified care is the application of analytics to transform this newly available digitized clinical data into knowledge that can revolutionize healthcare. Read More

  • The Pokémon Go influence on new tech Crunch Network

    The Pokémon Go influence on new tech

    Pokémon Go has changed the trajectory of the world on a scale just slightly smaller than Google Search and Facebook — but it will be felt through all industries in the coming years. It looks like a simple game that incorporates a few unique and compelling features. But this game has taken technologies from niche research and gaming communities and thrust them into the world’s… Read More

  • The healing power of AI Crunch Network

    The healing power of AI

    Artificial intelligence originally aspired to replace doctors. Researchers imagined robots that could ask you questions, run the answers through an algorithm that would learn with experience and tell whether you had the flu or a cold. However, those promises largely failed, as artificial intelligent algorithms were too rudimentary to perform those functions. Read More

  • CareSkore gets $4.3M to bring machine learning to preventive care

    CareSkore gets $4.3M to bring machine learning to preventive care

    Among other things, CareSkore wants to use machine learning to anticipate mortality. However, the newly endowed platform is more than just a Facebook poll that tells you how you’ll meet your end this Christmas by being squashed by a falling piano. Storm ventures, Cota Capital, Rising Tide Fund and Liquid 2 Ventures are rallying behind the Y Combinator graduate with today’s… Read More

  • What healthcare IT can learn from HP Crunch Network

    What healthcare IT can learn from HP

    Long before HP was known for PCs and laser printers, it built test equipment for electrical engineers. One reason its products succeeded was because they were designed by the very people who ultimately used them. In healthcare, physicians are obliged to use electronic health records systems (which they did not design). So how can the lessons from HP be applied to the healthcare IT industry? Read More

  • Navigating mobile content with app streaming Crunch Network

    Navigating mobile content with app streaming

    People are very comfortable streaming movies, TV, music, video games and more. However, the idea of streaming apps on mobile devices, for better or worse, has lagged far behind. Increasingly, however, people are becoming sick of downloading apps; they want content and services instantly. App streaming is relatively new, but has the potential to transform how we engage with mobile content. Read More

  • There won’t be an ‘Uber for healthcare’ anytime soon Crunch Network

    There won’t be an ‘Uber for healthcare’ anytime soon

    The passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act created a perfect storm of disruption in the healthcare industry. All at once came massive systemic changes, from the expansion of Medicaid to minimum essential benefits. But healthcare is a stubborn space. Think of it like a Rubik’s Cube, where every move has a ripple effect, and solving multi-faceted problems is par for the course. Read More

  • How President Obama shaped the future of digital health Crunch Network

    How President Obama shaped the future of digital health

    A new leader of the free world will soon be voted into office. Shortly thereafter, he or she will begin a minimum four-year journey to steer the country toward prosperity, safety and global leadership. With many changes undoubtedly coming, let’s take a look at the technological impact of one of the biggest initiatives that President Obama has championed: healthcare reform. Read More

  • RobinSmith | INNOVATE2016
    Crunch Network

    Regenerative medicine today is like the internet in 1993

    Robin Smith is the co-founder CEO of ORIG3N, a regenerative medical company that has crowdsourced blood samples to create the world’s biggest and most diverse bio-repository. According to Smith, regenerative medicine is the next big thing in medical science — so disruptive, in fact, that he says it’s akin to the Internet in 1993. No wonder, then, that ORIG3N has already… Read More

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