BBy device turns breast milk into powder, helps NICU nurses avoid lengthy ‘milk shift’

The breast milk powder retains its nutrition and immunological properties and is shelf-stable for up to six months.

US pharmacy giant says hackers accessed personal data of almost 6 million patients

One of the largest pharmacy service providers in the United States has confirmed that hackers accessed the personal data of almost six million patients. PharMerica operates more than 2,500 facilities

Hippocratic is building a large language model for healthcare

AI, specifically generative AI, has the potential to transform healthcare. At least, that’s the sales pitch from Hippocratic AI, which emerged from stealth today with a whopping $50 million in s

NextGen Healthcare says hackers accessed personal data of more than 1 million patients

NextGen Healthcare, a U.S.-based provider of electronic health record software, admitted that hackers breached its systems and stole the personal data of more than 1 million patients. In a data breach

Millions of patients’ data confirmed stolen after Fortra mass-hack

Millions of people across the U.S. had reams of personal and health information stolen in a mass-hack targeting dozens of companies, including healthcare providers, according to new filings with the f

Alcohol recovery startups Monument and Tempest shared patients’ private data with advertisers

For years, online alcohol recovery startups Monument and Tempest were sharing with advertisers the personal information and health data of their patients without their consent. Monument, which acquire

Nabla, a digital health startup, launches Copilot, using GPT-3 to turn patient conversations into action

Healthcare has been pegged as a prime candidate for more AI applications — both to aid in clinical work and to lighten some of the more time-consuming administrative burdens that come around cli

Ransomware gang uses new zero-day to steal data on 1 million patients

A prolific ransomware operation is back with old tricks — and new victims. Community Health Systems (CHS), one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States with close to 80 hospitals in

AI does a poor job of diagnosing COVID-19 from coughs, study finds

Early in the pandemic, a number of researchers, startups and institutions developed AI systems that they claimed could diagnose COVID-19 from the sound of a person’s cough. At the time, we ourse

Labor marketplace ShiftMed secures $200M to solve nursing shortage

Its mobile and cloud-based software provides perks to nurses like guaranteed shifts, instant or next-day pay, transportation via Uber Health and health benefits.

Despite 2022’s headwinds, women’s health startups did better than ever before

TechCrunch conducted a vibe check to see where this sector stands, and found a prevailing sense of guarded optimism.

Amazon launches RxPass, a $5/month Prime add-on for all-you-need generic drugs covering 80 conditions

More than two years since announcing Amazon Pharmacy to take some of the prescription drugs business away from big (and smaller) drug stores, Amazon is launching a new product to expand its reach in t

With a focus on patients with chronic illness, Nourish hopes to help Americans eat better

Nourish connects users with a registered dietitian (RD) via telehealth and helps them get their consultations covered by health insurance.

Hackers stole data of 460,000 individuals in MFHS ransomware attack

Pennsylvania-based nonprofit health provider Maternal & Family Health Services has confirmed cybercriminals accessed the sensitive data of close to half a million people. MFHS revealed last week t

US family planning nonprofit MFHS says patient medical data stolen in ransomware attack

U.S. nonprofit healthcare giant Maternal & Family Health Services has confirmed hackers accessed sensitive patient, financial and medical information months earlier. In an advisory published on it

This startup brings Southeast Asia’s vacant hospital rooms into the sharing economy

Uber and Airbnb have long been the poster children for the sharing economy. In other realms of society, entrepreneurs are also trying to match demand with untapped assets and services. HD, a startup b

Juno raises millions to provide family-first healthcare from Inglewood to Harlem

Even after billions of venture capital raised and invested into the digital health space, it’s still difficult to access quality healthcare. And while that may raise questions as to whether a scrapp

Pitch Deck Teardown: MedCrypt’s $25M Series B deck

MedCrypt shared with us the deck it used to raise a $25 million Series B.

Trusting your gut microbiome with Cheryl Sew Hoy from Tiny Health

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week, Cheryl Sew Hoy, the founder of Tiny Health, tells Darrell and Becca about the complex science behind baby gut microbiome

CommonSpirit Health says patient data was stolen during ransomware attack

Chicago-based medical giant CommonSpirit Health has confirmed that an October ransomware attack exposed the personal data of more than 620,000 patients. CommonSpirit Health, which operates more than 7
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