• Over-The-Air HDTV Makes Xbox One A Near-Perfect Cord-Cutting Console

    Over-The-Air HDTV Makes Xbox One A Near-Perfect Cord-Cutting Console

    Microsoft announced support for over-the-air TV broadcasts, including HD content, early in April. I’ve been using the setup since, after enrolling in the Xbox One Preview program and receiving a Mohu Leaf indoor HDTV antenna and a Hauppauge 955Q USB TV tuner to take it for a test ride. The end result is that, for me at least, Xbox One is closer than ever to achieving its vision of being… Read More

  • Xbox One Gets Over-The-Air TV Powers In The U.S. And Canada

    Xbox One Gets Over-The-Air TV Powers In The U.S. And Canada

    Xbox One owners have a new way to get TV on their console: The game machine supports over-the-air TV now for those in the Xbox One Preview program, and in the coming months for everyone else, provided that you also pick up an $80 Hauppauge WinTV-955Q TV tuner and an HDTV antenna. Xbox is also working with Hauppauge to make it even cheaper to get on board, with a $60 tuner panned for… Read More

  • Just In Time For March Madness: Hannspree 55-inch Basketball TV

    For all you Globetrotters out there who want a TV that belongs in an MTV Cribs episode, check out the Hannspree 55-inch Basketball TV. Its got all that you’d expect from an high-end LCD panel: 120 Hz, 1080p and 4 HDMI inputs. There’s also a 28-inch basketball TV available. Read More

  • HDTVs Are Popular, But HD Programming Is Not

    You can’t buy an SD TV anymore. Well, not a traditional 4:3 SD TV at least. Nope, if you want a TV, high-def is your only choice. But you do have a choice whether to subscribe to the HD service from your TV provider. Apparently more people are sticking with their SD cable TV instead of paying extra for the higher resolution. Nielsen reports that 80% of the programming on… Read More

  • Review: Hitachi 42-inch Ultravision HDTV – LE42S704

    Once upon a time HDTVs fascinated me. I loved the depth of the colors and amazing detail they produced. But that was 7 years ago when they were new and exciting. Now I walk into Best Buy and my eyes glaze over when staring at their wall o’ HDTVs. I just don’t care anymore. They all look the same. That is until the Hitachi LE42S704 came into my life. Now, watching HDTV is a sport again. Read More

  • Review: LG 42LD450 LCD TV

    Short version: Unbeatable value for the price. If you’re looking for a decent TV with a good picture and low price the LD450 is the one for you. No internet, no Skype but a 42” 1080p LCD television for $630? Sure! Read More

  • Don't Fall For The HDMI Marketing Blitz

    Most of us know that big-box HDMI cables are generally not worth any more than the packaging they come in, but yet they can cost in some cases hundreds of dollars. Sure, it’s shady, but snake oil A/V cables are nothing new. Gary over at HD Guru just posted a fantastic article where he goes into the different schemes used by cable manufacturers to trick consumers into believing they need… Read More

  • Fox Soccer Channel, GolTV Go HD In August On DirecTV

    Finally. That’s literally the only word you can use in response to the following sentence: DirecTV will carry Fox Soccer Channel in HD beginning on August 11. Well, according to EPL Talk’s well-placed sources at the network. And yes, that’s just in time for the new Premier League and Serie A seasons. Thank you thank you thank you! Read More

  • TV viewers now refusing to watch SD content?

    There’s a handy option in the DirecTV menu guide for “HDTV Channels.” On the rare occasion when I’m actually sitting in front of the TV looking to “channel surf” (more like “menu surf” nowadays), it’s only “HDTV channels” I’m concerned with. Nearly halfway through 2010, it has come to the point where, unless I absolutely… Read More

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