CNN will finally go full HD this spring. Maybe we'll see Rick Sanchez vs. East Side Dave in 720p?

Exciting news, people who watch TV! CNN will finally go fully HD sometime this spring! This is a great day for news junkies and people who constantly need to be reading a ticker.

The network first launched its HD channel two years ago, but only programming emanating from its New York studios were done in HD; Atlanta- and D.C.-based programming was still in boring ol’ SD. But no more! Starting this spring, it’s HD 24 hours a day~!

Among the shows that will gain several lines of resolution: Rick’s List with Rick “from the barrio” Sanchez. Sanchez, you’ll recall, challenged East Side Dave (again, whom I interviewed), from Ron and Fez, to a fight in light of the Shorty Awards Twitter controversy. Dave accepted his challenge, but Mr. Sanchez has been awfully quiet since then. What’s the matter, dogsie, afraid the Davepound knows how to scrap?!

Do I have to mention that I wrote two articles for, one about the iPad and one about Ubisoft’s DRM? Well I just did, so there.