Hardware Incubators Are Critical To The Future Of Making Things

Hardware is hot -- and poised to get hotter. Venture capital investment in connected device hardware startups reached approximately $1.48 billion in 2014, more than triple the amount of two years earl

MacroFab Raises $2M In Seed Funding To Help Hardware Startups Manufacture PCB Boards

MacroFab, a platform to help hardware startups prototype and manufacture PCB boards, has raised a $2 million seed round led by Techstars Ventures. Any company that has worked with manufacturers to p

YC-Backed GetScale’s Quality Control System Protects Factory Workers And Hardware Companies

At first glance, GetScale’s cameras might seem like just another factory surveillance system. The startup, however, wants to make life easier for engineers and assembly-line workers by allowing them

Factories Aren’t Dying To Take Your Order And Other Hardware Startup Follies

As the Greater China Investment Partner for 500 Startups, I have been finding myself fielding an increasing number of questions about the manufacturing process in China, especially as we see more inve

Facebook Reveals Final Piece In Scalable Data Center Vision

Facebook revealed the final piece in its scalable data redesign today, one that completes its vision of redefining traditional hardware and software to make it more flexible to meet the needs of Face

Raising More Than $750K In Hardware Crowdfunding

For months, investors have talked about how crowdfunding is changing the hardware investing landscape. The theory goes that the advent of Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow companies to test product-m

Hemingwrite Modernizes The Typewriter With An E-Ink Screen And Cloud Storage

Distraction-free writing software is one of those things that seems unlikely to ever go away, despite the fact that I’m willing to bet 90 percent of users who buy it use it once and never again

Nokia Teases “Something” That Either Is, Or Comes In, A Black Box

Nokia is getting back into hardware after selling its handset division to Microsoft, but its re-entry into the gadgets market doesn’t look like it’s going to be a phone. The Finnish compan

SoundFocus Wants To Make The iPhone Case For Audiophiles

The Amp is many things to many people. The iPhone-compatible device clicks over your device and offers a backup batter, dual speakers, and, for the audiophile out there, a noise reducing pre-amp that

HAXLR8R Increases Seed Funding For Its Next Round Of Startups

Hardware accelerator HAXLR8R announced yesterday that it plans to offer companies in its next batch and beyond further options when considering taking seed funding and joining its program

Narrative’s Clip-On Camera | One Lap

In this week’s episode of One Lap, Martin Källström of Narrative joined me at Thunderhill Raceway. I met Martin earlier this year while he was visiting San Francisco from Sweden. During our meetin

We Have Entered The Golden Age Of Hardware Hacking

Hardware is the new hotness. This has been true for some years now: but today, the acorns planted by Arduino, TechShop, Kickstarter, lean prototyping, etc., are finally beginning to sprout into oaks.

When It Comes To Facebook Scale, You Can Throw Out The Rulebook

There are certain ways of doing things in hardware engineering, and engineers simply follow these rules because there’s no use fighting them even if they wanted to. Frankly, most don’t e

LittleBits Announces BitLab, An App Store For Hardware

Have you ever wanted to build a banana piano? Or make a robotic cockroach brain out of LEGO? With LittleBits now you (potentially) can. The company has just announced something called the BitLab, a co

3D Printing Company Stratasys Is Buying GrabCAD For Around $100M, Beating Out Autodesk, Adobe

Some M&A activity afoot in the world of hardware design: GrabCAD, an online community that has been described as the ‘Github for mechanical engineers’, is getting acquired by 3D prin

DipJar Raises Funding For A Tip Jar Where You Pay With Plastic, Not Spare Change

The move to a more “cashless” society has not been without its victims – namely, those whose incomes relied on the spare change and small donations that once came from customers em

Hardware Crowdfunding: Where The Venture Dollars Flow

Crowdfunding dollars are only one source of capital for hardware startups. The other source, the one that gets even more attention, is venture capital. In the years since Kickstarter came into the wor

Nutanix Lands $140M On $2B+ Valuation, IPO Could Be Next

Nutanix, a five-year old converged infrastructure provider, announced $140M in Series E funding today, based on a whopping $2B+ valuation. The funding comes from the two biggest Boston public market i

Inside The Beep Factory

When we first met Beep, a wireless audio system created by ex-Googlers Daniel Conrad and Shawn Lewis, it was still in prototype stage. Now, almost six months later, the team is preparing to assemble t

Indian Inventor Makes A Decidedly Unsexy (But Cool) Open Source Glass Clone

Now don’t laugh. I see what you’re about to say: this project looks like a mess. But trust me when I tell you this thing could be slapped to your face sooner than later, provided you prefe
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