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Tangible wants to scale up construction decarbonization

The real estate industry is a bit of a greenhouse gas powerhouse, responsible for 40% of all global emissions. A quarter of that comes from building materials, and Tangible has had enough. The compan

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain why they’re bullish on tech that makes buildings greener

3 proptech investors explain how reducing emissions can trim a building’s carbon footprint and offer new opportunities for returns.

Transforming old cardboard boxes into insulation nets CleanFiber $10 million round

Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspapers, a dwindling resource. CleanFiber thinks its cardboard process can make up the difference.

Smart vent startup Flair nabs $7.6M Series A to decarbonize buildings

Flair offers smart vents and thermostats that can balance heating and cooling across a home, potentially slashing energy use.

Salesforce is building an office tower in Sydney, pledging 1,000 new jobs in the next five years

Salesforce announced this week that it’s building another shiny tower. This one will be in Sydney with views of the harbor and the iconic Sydney Opera House. The company has also committed to ad

Green Building Technology You’ll Never See But Can Experience Now

Picture an office that cleans up after itself, improves indoor air quality with nanotech-formulated paint, and responds to sunlight by magically adjusting window tint, all while fighting climate chang

Clean Urban Energy Raises $7 Million To "Turn Buildings Into Batteries"

<img src="" width="175" height="145" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-321481" /></a> A Chicago startup <a href="http://www.cleanurbane

IBM "Buildings Whisperer" Dave Bartlett On The Dumb Ways We Waste Energy

<img src="" class="shot2"/> IBM's Smarter Planet division released a new solution recently that can make buildings energy efficien

Green Buildings Software Startup, Retroficiency, Closes $800,000 Seed Financing

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> A Boston startup that makes energy auditing software for the commercial buildings industry, Re

Nexus EnergyHomes Raises $1.5 Million To Build Luxury, Net Zero Energy Houses

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Annapolis-based Nexus EnergyHomes raised the first $200,000 of a $1.5 million dollar

Scientific Conservation Raises $15.6 Million To Help Cut Energy Waste In Commercial Buildings

<img src=""> Scientific Conservation Inc. (SCI) — a San Francisco company that makes software to diagnose and help

Sustainability Roundtable Raises $1.2 Million To Help Corporations Go Green

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> A new <a href=""

Soladigm Raises $30 Million More To Make Smart Glass For Green Buildings

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Soladigm raised a $30 million series C investment the company announced this morning.