• Fire Outfoxed: Greasemonkey Creator Builds Native Support Into Chrome

    When Google launched Extensions for Chrome in December, they had around 300 of them ready to go in their gallery. A day later, that number was already up to 500. By now, there are a few thousand available, and that number just got multiple by several times as Google has announced that the latest official version of Chrome, version 4, now natively supports Greasemoneky user scripts. As… Read More

  • Mozilla Add-Ons Hit One Billion Downloads

    In other Mozilla news, Firefox hit a major milestone today with the one billionth download of add-on software for the browser. That feat took three and half years. Many of those downloads are never used more than once or twice, of course. But there is no doubt about it that Firefox is major software platform. Just look at StumbleUpon, it was built on top of Firefox. Read More