• Instructor Identities Can Now Roam With Graspr's New Video Player

    Graspr, the instructional video syndication network run by an ex-Yahoo exec, has released an advanced video player with a featured called the “gCard” that carries the identity of a video creator wherever his or her video gets embedded across the net. If you create an instructional video and upload it to YouTube, you may lose credit for your work when it gets embedded off-site… Read More

  • Graspr Raises $2.5 Million, Shifts Into Syndication Mode

    You could say we were less than enthused when writing about the launch of Graspr last September. The nascent instructional video site captured our attention because it was led by an ex-Yahoo VP, but it didn’t really do anything to stand out from the crowd. It turns out we weren’t the only ones to notice the service needed a little something extra. Graspr has shifted its strategy… Read More

  • Graspr Steps into the Crowded Instructional Video Ring

    Teresa Phillips, founder and CEO of Graspr and one-time Yahoo VP, says that “Graspr is not just another video site or social networking community.” I’m not so sure. The company has granted me access to Graspr prior to its presentation at Demo this afternoon and its public unveiling later this evening. I’ve kicked the tires, and while Graspr explicitly claims to be… Read More