This drone swarm spray painted a jumbo-size graffiti mural

It's Friday, so why not watch some good old-fashioned drone-powered graffiti? A design firm in Italy has put together a lovely little show that collected sketches from the art community and put them a

Microsoft Puts Weight Behind Open Source Projects With Web Platform Installer

<a href=""><img src="" class="shot2" /></a> Microsoft isn't e

Bombin' And Taggin' With Light

There’s a new kind of graffiti coming out that won’t piss of owners of billboards and buildings. Using different kinds of light and cranking up the exposure time on a camera, some artists

Audio Bombing: Cassette Tape-based Graffiti

Traditional graffiti, eyesore that it is, means having to spray paint the sides of buildings with tags, the graffiti artist’s signature. Audio Bombing is a new take on the practice that uses cas