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We need more driverless car accidents

A driverless car was involved in a traffic accident on a California city street earlier this year. No one was hurt in the small fender bender, but the accident does signal we are making incredible lea

Ford tests Lidar-equipped car in pitch darkness

The goal of self-driving cars is initially to make them as good as human drivers, but Ford has another trick up its sleeve to nudge things to the next level. By using Lidar, it recently showed that it

Google’s November Self-Driving Car Report Details Learnings, A Pull-Over, And A Rear-End Collision

Google's monthly self-driving car reports are fun to read through, and gives transparent accounts of what the team is up to, how the cars are performing, and any lessons learned along the way. Last mo

Google Granted Patent That Enables Self-Driving Cars To Interact With Pedestrians

A lot of people are excited to hop into a car one day and read emails and tweets as the car drives itself, and you, to work. It would cut down on the anxiety we all feel during our daily commutes, as

I’ll Take The Google Self-Driving Car With Florence Swanson’s Artwork On It

Google’s fun little project called “Paint The Town” for its self-driving cars is a great way to connect with communities. It takes trust to allow vehicles that drive themselves for

Driving Your Car Will Soon Be Illegal

Driving a car will be illegal by 2030. Our economy will be severely impacted as millions of truck drivers, cabbies and delivery people are put out of work. In this era of endless innovation, man’s c

Google Awarded Patent For Free Rides To Advertisers’ Locations

Google may soon offer a new service that combines its advertising business with its knowledge about local transport options, taxis and – in the long run – autonomous cars. The U.S. Patent and Trad