Google Play For Education

Google Quietly Shutters Play For Education

Back in 2013, Google launched Play for Education, a program that made it easier for educators to purchase apps and books and distribute them to their students' Android tablets. Now, this program is co

Google Play For Education Goes Beyond Tablets, Now Available For Chromebooks, Too

Last November, Google launched Google Play for Education, a portal for teachers and schools to more easily buy Android apps, books and educational YouTube video, and distribute them to their students.

These Tween Girls Created An Android App For The Blind

A group of six grade school girls in Los Fresnos, Texas took it upon themselves to solve a problem for blind kids. They built an app for them. The app, Hello Navi, first came from the imagination of

Google Challenges Apple’s Dominance In Schools With Google Play For Education, Now Shipping

Google is no longer the best-kept secret in education -- that is, if Google's presence in any market is ever "a secret." Over the last year or so, the search giant has been quietly expanding its footp