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Google Lunar XPrize down to 5 finalists aiming to fly to the moon in 2017

Google’s Lunar XPrize competition is nearing its zenith – the slate of competitors is down to five finalists, all of whom are competing to be the first private company to launch a spacecraft d

Moon Express raises $20M in Series B-1, fully funds trip to the Moon

Moon Express, a company competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize, has raised $20 million in a Series B-1 round and announced that they’ve now fully financed their maiden mission to the moon. With the l

This Indian team plans to be the first private company to land on the moon

TeamIndus, a private company located in Bangalore, India, is the one and only Indian entrant into the Google Lunar X-Prize, the international competition to land a private spacecraft on the moon. For

Deloitte gears up for the launch of a $20 million XPRIZE to eradicate cancer

XPRIZE, the incentivized prize competition for breakthrough science and technology, has announced three new prizes. Among them — ALS, avatars and Deloitte’s Cancer XPRIZE. Deloitte is work

Moon Express becomes first private company to receive permission to go to the moon

Moon Express has officially become the first private company in the world to receive permission to travel beyond Earth’s orbit. After months of conversations with government officials, the company

The race to the moon is underway as Astrobotic raises $2.5 million

Astrobotic Technology, the company that plans to deliver payloads to the moon, has completed a $2.5 million seed round led by Space Angels Network. The company was originally spun out of Carnegie Mel

To the Moon! Lunar XPRIZE team looks to send Wikipedia into space aboard homemade rover

Quick: you can send 20 gigabytes of data to the moon. What's it going to be? Time's up! Wikipedia? What a coincidence — that's what the Part-Time Scientists, a team working on a homegrown lunar r

X PRIZE Visioneering and The Mother of All Business Plan Competitions

<img src="" /> I’ve participated in dozens of business plan competitions over the years.  I <a href="

Google Lunar X-Prize Confirms 29 Teams (But Winner Not Expected From This Crop)

<img src="" />The teams have been finalized for the <a HREF="">Google Lunar X-Prize</a>! A total of

Move Over, Rover: Next Giant Leap Gets $1 Million Grant To Build Hopping Moon Landers

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> Next Giant Leap in Boulder, Colorado— a startup that's making robots that will land and hop ar