• “App Mention Alerts” Is A Google Alerts-Like Tool For Mobile App Developers

    “App Mention Alerts” Is A Google Alerts-Like Tool For Mobile App Developers

    App developers wanting to keep an eye on their app’s download growth, chart position, revenues, user engagement patterns, and more have a number of tools at their disposal, like those from App Annie, Distimo, AppFigures, Flurry, and other analytics providers. But when it comes to keeping track of press mentions and blogger reviews, many still turn to plain ol’ Google Alerts. Today… Read More

  • Google Continues To Feed The PubSubHubbub. Google Alerts Now In Real-Time.

    When PubSubHubbub launched at our Real-Time Stream CrunchUp event last month, pretty much everyone in the audience immediately recognized it as a very cool thing. Basically, it takes any feed and significantly speeds up the time it takes to be found by various sources using new hubs that specifically gather that information. But the biggest fan of it may be the company that employs the two… Read More

  • Google Alerts Adds Blogs to News Search

    I got an email this afternoon notifying me that there was a new post on the official Google blog, but the blog was down. Now that it’s back up we can read that Google is expanding its popular Google Alerts service to include blog search. At the end of last week blog search was linked to Google News and these two changes are going to work together to expose all the more readers to… Read More