GoCardless CEO Hiroki Takeuchi is coming to Disrupt Berlin

GoCardless has been around for eight years. But the company has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. It now has a shot at becoming a global leader when it comes to payments via

GoCardless launches US debit payments solution and opens San Francisco office

GoCardless, the London fintech that aims to become the one-stop shop globally for businesses that want to let customers pay via recurring bank payments, has launched a U.S. debit solution. The company

Still in stealth mode, Duffel raises $21.5M in Series A from Benchmark for its travel platform

Ten months ago London startup Duffel hinted that it would be “a new way to book travel online, aiming at the booking experience ‘end to end,’ ” and announced a healthy $4.7 million funding

GoCardless raises $75M Series E for its recurring payments network and heads to America

Compared to startups born into the frothy London fintech space as it exists today, 2011-founded GoCardless could well be considered a slow burner. However, in more recent years, the nearly 300-person

GoCardless, a fintech that makes recurring payments easy for subscription businesses, raises $22.5M

Well, <a target="_blank" href="https://gocardless.com/">GoCardless</a> co-founder and CEO Hiroki Takeuchi knows how to work a non-denial denial. When I interviewed him a few weeks ago for <a target="_

GoCardless CEO: ‘I still feel like I’m the same person’

It has nearly been a year since GoCardless co-founder and CEO Hiroki Takeuchi was involved in a serious road accident that left him paralysed below his chest, and unable to walk again. Based on multip

GoCardless spies a glimmer of hope for UK fintech amid the Brexit gloom

Despite ongoing uncertainty for business about the impact of the U.K. Brexit vote to leave the European Union, London-based fintech startup GoCardless reckons the government is now signaling it recogn

Brexit one month on: currency lows and talent fear

How are UK startups coping with the unraveling of the old world order? In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, TechCrunch spoke to several founders who expressed shock, disappointment and conce

London fintech startup GoCardless raises $13M to bring recurring payments platform to more countries

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.gocardless.com/">GoCardless</a> has become somewhat of a poster child for the London fintech scene. Offering an alternative to card payments, the startup provides a

Interview: GoCardless CEO Talks Pivots, Payments And Personnel

This afternoon I got on a call with GoCardless CEO and co-founder Hiroki Takeuchi to hear the startup's pitch and catch up on its latest $1 billion milestone. We also talked candidly about what it's l

Fintech Startup And YC Alum GoCardless Loses Second Co-Founder

Fintech startup and Y-Combinator alum <a target="_blank" href="http://www.gocardless.com/">GoCardless</a>, which offers a simple way for online businesses to set up and accept direct debit payments (t

YC Alum GoCardless Raises Another $7M, Aims To Be The Stripe Of Direct Debit Payments

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.gocardless.com">GoCardless</a>, a Y-Combinator alum that has created a simple way for online businesses to set up and accept direct debit payments (that is, money t

UK Online Payments Platform GoCardless Raises $3.3 Million Series A, Plans To Expand Across Europe

GoCardless, the Y Combinator-backed payments startup based in the U.K., has raised a $3.3 million Series A round of funding, led by existing investors Accel Partners and Passion Capital. The company h

YC-Backed GoCardless Launches PayLinks, A Bitly For Payments

<a href="https://gocardless.com/">GoCardless</a>, the Y Combinator-backed startup founded in 2010 by Oxford graduates Hiroki Takeuchi, Tom Blomfield and Matt Robinson, is today launching a new produc

Accel, SV Angel, Y Combinator Put $1.5M In Online Bank Payments Platform GoCardless

If you've ever set up an automatic 'Bill Pay' feature on your bank account to pay off your utility and cable bills, then you've taken advantage of a nifty feature called an 'interbank transfer', also