• Pobody's Nerfect: Call Of Duty Developer Says It's Impossible To Ship Bug-Free Games

    What do fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Mass Effect 2 have in common? One group of fans spends its time playing a pop-a-mole shooter set in outer space, while the other group of fans spends its time playing a pop-a-mole shooter set on earth. Oh, and both groups of fans have been fighting game-breaking bugs for some time now. One such bug, gone unpatched for more than two weeks now… Read More

  • Trouble in paradise: What's the matter with the 17-inch MacBook Pro's display?

    You just know that Steve Jobs is pretty upset with Nvidia right now. Reports are popping up detailing video problems currently being suffered by the new 17-inch MacBook Pro. It seems that, for some people, whenever the 9600M is turned on the screen displays all sorts of nasty tearing and color deformities. That picture up there shows the extent to the damage. Read More

  • Apple begins to address Mac OS X 10.5.6 installation glitches

    Apple’s latest update to Mac OS X, 10.5.6, has been causing several problems since its release last week. The Bluetooth glitch comes to mind immediately. An even more serious glitch, which causes the download to stop halfway, has been addressed by Apple on its Support site. Read More

  • Video: Glitchy Gears of War 2 asks ‘Walls? What walls?’

    Looks like that Gears of War 2 patch didn’t fix this nasty little bug. As the hilarious video shows, the game’s walls, at least in multiplayer mode, might as well not even be there. Damage goes right through them. Utter chaos. In fact, Kotaku calls the glitches “game-breaking,” but from what I’ve read, mulitplayer has been janky since launch, so this is just a… Read More

  • Greatest glitches in gaming history?

    I don’t know that I’d call these collected glitches the greatest in history — what about sliding up the wall in Double Dragon, or butt-bumping up the long stairs in Mario 64? But they are impressive, and the Mortal Kombat video above is hilarious (explanation: if one player surrenders with a “hara kiri” move, the game gets mixed up and the fighter performs a… Read More

  • Man claims photo of his genitals found on his iPhone is a ‘glitch’

    Flickr’d How dumb are men, generally? A woman is set to divorce her husband after she discovered a photo of his genitals in his iPhone’s sent e-mails folder. The woman suspected that the guy was sending photos of himself to other women, but the guy had an excuse: it’s just a glitch, honey. Yeah, the iPhone has this weird habit of going into photo mode, unzipping your pants… Read More

  • About time: Newest Apple security update fixes DNS glitch

    Apple’s Security Update 2008-005 fixes that DNS glitch that has been freaking people out for the past few weeks. As such, it’s advised that you stop whatever you’re doing and apply the patch right now. Some had accused Apple of dragging its feet in applying the patch, but now that it’s here, expert plenty of “what took Apple so long?” stories. Bottom line… Read More

  • GTA IV glitches: Funnier than the activities of monkeys in a barrel I actually can’t believe there aren’t more glitches in this massive game but Game Trailers finds a few good ones. Wait for the amazing black hole at the end. via Kotaku Read More

  • iPhone Battery Woes Continue, Status Icon Not Working Correctly

    More iPhone battery woes for your daily “iPhoNe SuxX” fix. It seems that the battery status indicator doesn’t accurately report how much juice the battery actually has left. For this people are calling for Jobs’ head. In fairness to Apple, the problem is just a software one, one that will be fixed in an upcoming software update. Just don’t ask when to look for… Read More