Gilded Age: This special edition Prince iPod costs $2,100


This is a special edition iPod that makes the old U2 one look very terrible indeed. It’s part of something called the Prince Opus: 21 Nights, a $2,100 high-end book created by Kraken Opus. (Sports fans: check out the Arsenal FC, Celtic FC, Formula One and Diego Maradona Opuses. Man, it’d be cool to have money!) Only 950 such iPods will be created, so order now!

On the iPod: 15 Prince songs and a 40-minute movie created by the man himself. I guess that means something to Prince fans.

And before you get all, “OMG, $2,100 for a fancy book and iPod,” well, the special edition Arsenal FC one costs £4,250 ($6,300), and that’s just for the book. TheMaradona one also commands a premium: €3,000 ($4,000; no idea why each Opus is in a difference currency).

Still! If you have money to spend, and really enjoy the musical talents of this Prince guy—he’s no Taylor Swift!—then by all means.

via All Things Digital