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CrunchGear's Best of 2008 plus the People's Choice

<img src=""> Welcome to CrunchGear's Gala Best of 2008 Awards featuring the Best Gear, Gadgets, and Software of 2008. Best of all,

Review: Infiniti EX35 Crossover

The gadgetry in the Infiniti EX35 we tested was intense. Not only is there XM Satellite Radio there is a Bose sound system, front and rear curb sensors, and an amazing external viewing system that ini

Review: Mio Knight Rider GPS

There are lots of GPS units out there, talking to lots of drivers.  Some people may even enjoy the voices produced by their GPS units. But only the Mio Knight Rider GPS can speak to you in the voice

Review: Navigon 2100 Max GPS

Navigon 2100 Max Navigon made waves not long ago by introducing GPS units with free map upgrades for a one-time fee, unique among entry-level GPS units. The 2100 Max is an inexpensive in-car GPS add-o

Review: Dash GPS

[photopress:scaled.IMG_1689.JPG,full,pp_image] It’s not every day that I find a product that threatens to completely change an entrenched, mass-market segment. Perhaps the Kindle and the iPhone

Review: Trimble Outdoors GPS Pack

Most GPS devices are car-centric. They assume their owners will be glued to a steering wheel for hours a day, requiring turn-by-turn directions to new destinations at a moment’s notice. Apparent

Review: TeleNav GPS Receiver

I’ve had a couple weeks to fiddle around with TeleNav’s Bluetooth GPS receiver and there isn’t a whole lot to review other than the fact that it works great. It immediately synced wi