Gift Guide 2013

The Best And Worst Gadgets Of 2013

2013 was a heady year: a <a target="_blank" href="">time of hope</a>; a <a href="https://techcrun

Gift Guide: Our Favorite Android Phone

Darrell and I spent a good chunk of <a href="">our last Droidcast</a> discussin

Gift Guide: Four Sweet Presents For Your Sweetheart

The most important gift you give this holiday season will be the gift you give your sweetheart. After all, this is the person you get sex from. That said, these are some cute last-minute ideas tha

Gift Guide: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Friends, the moments are ticking away and it won't be long at all before your tranquil living rooms turn into wrapping paper-strewn war zones. What's that? You haven't done your shopping yet? Well,

Gift Guide: The Tech-Loving Outdoors Enthusiast

Technology and nature seem in constant conflict, but they can be better together. And tech enthusiasts aren't by default mutually exclusive with people who love the outdoors, which is why we've put to

Gift Guide: Five Kitchen Gadgets Your Foodie Will Eat Right Up

More food is consumed during the holiday season than any other time. But that's the thing with food; you can't stay full forever. And so these gadgets, services and tools should serve your food-friend

Gift Guide: Tools And Toys For The Amateur Or Master Photographer

Taking pictures is fun, frustrating and rewarding. But the right gear helps minimize the frustration and bump up the other two. This guide covers a range of photographers, from amateur mobile shooters

Gift Guide: For The Tech-Savvy Music Lover And Audio Enthusiast

The holidays are a time when music fills the air, thanks to carollers and tinned music played through mall speakers. Both of those things sound horrible compared to the items in this gift guide, which

Gift Guide: Walk Your Way Into 2014

As a convert to the standing desk lifestyle, I wondered just what I could do to further expand my alternative loafing lifestyle. To that end I brought a desk treadmill into the home, a decision that I

Gift Guide: Be Super-Healthy On A Shoestring Budget

Are you tired of watching expensive gadgets turn your friends into Abercrombie models? Well, my pudgy popper, we’ve got a holiday gift guide that’ll give you five more ab packs without bre

Let’s Sit Out Black Friday, Shall We?

It's Thanksgiving in the States and tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year. In fact stores will be open tonight so you can elbow your way into a scrum of bargain hunters and frotteurists. I'

Gift Guide: For The Tech-Happy Fashionista

The holidays truly are the most magical time of the year. The twinkly lights, the spiked eggnog... the designer collaborations on your favorite tech products. It warms the heart.

Gift Guide: Gadgets For Budding 3D Printing Fans

3D printing is all the rage and it's hard to know just where to start. If you have a budding manufacturing magnate on your Christmas list we've got a few fun things for them to check out. One word of

Review: Microsoft Xbox One

The final contender in the next-gen console battle has entered the arena. The Xbox One will launch this Friday, 8 years to the day after the 2005 debut of the Xbox 360. As someone who has happily play

The PS4 Is Sony’s First Shot In The Next-Gen Console Wars

If you listen closely, you can hear it: the eye of the console storm. We are between technologies and the big hardware makers know it. It's a move from an optical-disk-based, high-heat standalone devi

Gift Guide: Gadgets (And An App) For Digital Bookworms And Writers

The days are getting shorter, friends, and that can only mean one thing: winter is coming, and so too are the holidays. We here at TechCrunch like to think of ourselves as a gaggle of technological <e

Presenting TC’s 2013 Gift Guides

Every year around this time we post our TC gift guides. This long, storied tradition began at CrunchGear when we attempted to do 300 reviews in three months (it didn't work) and this year we're focusi

Neat Cuts The Cord With The New NeatConnect Scanner

Late-night TV commercial stalwarts <a href="">Neat</a> may seem a little chintzy at first blush but rest assured that their products - essentially very simple document s