gift guide 2010

  • Metal Gear Arcade gets head-tracking VR goggles

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a modern arcade. Since I suck at Street Fighter 4 and the like, and most of the games are huge money sinks, I’ve been avoiding them for years now. But I might have to drop by and check out Metal Gear Arcade when it drops, because these VR goggles look totally awesome. Tactical espionage combat in stereoscopic 3D? Yes please. Read More

  • Get ready NASCAR fans, Mario Kart is coming

    Despite what my co-workers believe, the fact that I live in Northern Nevada does not automatically make me a fan of NASCAR. I am a fan of MarioKart though, and the fact that Nintendo has teamed up with the Number 20 GameStop car for this weekend’s Slater Bros. 300 is pretty darn cool. I wonder though, will the GameStop car be throwing turtle shells or bananas at the other cars? Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard

    Short version: A competent, but unremarkable keyboard. If you like Microsoft keyboards, spend the extra cash for the fancier and cooler X6. Read More

  • Sony’s mysterious universal video game controller patent portends PS3 Virtual Console (or maybe it doesn’t, who knows?)

    This is more interesting than I had originally thought. Sony filed a patent last year (it was only unearthed today or yesterday) describing a universal video game controller. You know how there’s universal remote controls, smart devices that can control a TV, cable box, DVD player, etc.? It’s the same principle here: a single device that’s about to function as a video… Read More

  • Zibits: Awwwww, so cute!

    Zibits (pronounced, it seems, like “ribbits”) are tiny IR controlled robots that do two things: they move forward and spin. With these building blocks of locomotion you can do fascinating things like move forward and spin, spin and move forward, or just move forward or just spin. The possibilities, obviously, are endless. These guys cost $10 and are available in March. And yes… Read More

  • Quick look at the Creative WoW headset

    We have a few WoW players on staff here and they’ve been pretty excited about this headset. That said, I got a chance to take a look at them and I’m quite pleased. The styling is great and the light-up logos on the sides add a fun way to identify yourself in a crowded LAN party. The wireless version is $159 and the wired is $119 and they should be available in March. Click through… Read More

  • DIY: Six rotor helicopter

    Adurino seems to be everywhere these days, particularly in the world of DIY. Take for example this helicopter project. Built by a German hobbyist with an inclination for projects related to flight, this 6 rotor helicopter is fast, stable, and extremely responsive. This is obviously not this particular hobbyists first experience with helicopters; he’s actually built an 8 rotor version… Read More

  • Review: Netgear Stora

    Short Version: Hard drives that claim to do it all are a dime-a-dozen. Finally, however, I’ve found one that delivers on those claims. Read More

  • Review: Withings WiFi Scale

    Short Version: Yes, this is that scale that Tweets your weight. And yes, it’s actually pretty cool. Read More

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