Snapchat’s Foursquare and Factual partnerships double geofilter usage

Borrowed location databases are paying off big time for Snapchat. They allow users to turn any nearby landmark or business into a stylized geofilter that they can overlay on their photos and videos. B

Snapchat rolls out a trio of new ad products using its lenses and geofilters

In an effort to further differentiate itself from rival Facebook, Snapchat this morning expanded its ad offerings lineup with three new products that take advantage of its already popular lenses and g

Here’s What It’s Like To Set Up An On-Demand Geofilter On Snapchat

Yesterday Snapchat opened up a new revenue stream in the form of on-demand geofilters. The new on-demand geofilters let anyone pay Snapchat to create and distribute a custom filter in a specific area

Snapchat Adds Geofilters For Quick Image Location Tags, And A New Revenue Possibility

Snapchat has added a new feature to its app starting today that will offer special image filters depending on your location. All you need to do to activate them is swipe right from the preview screen