GDC 2008

  • What we decided were the best XBLA games of 2007

    Microsoft held the inaugural Xbox LIVE Arcade Awards at this year’s GDC in San Francisco where 26,000+ users voted for their favorite XBLA games. There were 10 categories wherein finalists were determined by industry journalists. The winners for the first six categories were chosen by popular vote. The last four categories were determined by sales, gameplay data and by Metacritic score… Read More

  • Video: Gears of War 2 teaser trailer We’re working on getting the video, but I took a few screen grabs so everyone at work can drool. For those at home, check here or jump onto Xbox Live now. I’ve included the box art as well. Read More

  • Intel, MS, Dell, AMD join forces to fight forces of darkness, forced to play through tutorial and kill 50 rats

    Dress Barn? Make a left turn at the Soul Reaver. It’s right on the corner there, next to the Taco Bell. In ancient times a sword was forged called MS/Intel, a sword that channeled gamers into a standard platform for games that, like it or not, forced a massive and lucrative upgrade cycle almost every six months. Now the Necromancers from within Microsoft and Sony (Nintendo wants to be… Read More

  • Rumor: Microsoft announcing Netflix service through Xbox Live

    GDC is underway in San Francisco and the physical format war is dead. So what do the two have to do with one another? Well, it appears Microsoft might make an announcement this week at GDC about a partnership with Netflix. Microsoft definitely played their cards right by not including an internal HD DVD drive and downloadable content appears to be the next big thing. Microsoft has been known… Read More