Which insurtech startups are set to thrive?

Which insurtech startups are set to thrive? And could we see the market find space for neoinsurance companies still private to not fall into the same trap as their public predecessors?

Insurtech startups are leveraging rapid growth to raise big money

The investment landscape for insurtech startups is off to a hot start in Q2 2021.

The Zebra raises $38.5M as the insurance marketplace race heats up

This morning The Zebra, an Austin-based insurance marketplace startup, announced it has closed a $38.5 million Series C. Accel led the funding event, which was participated in by prior investors Silve

Why VCs are dumping money into insurance marketplaces

Following our look at why so many startups are building OKR-focused software and why venture capitalists are pouring capital into their efforts, today we’re asking a similar question about insur

Insurance startup Gabi raises $27M to double its product, engineering and marketing teams

Gabi, a startup built to help consumers save money on home and auto insurance, announced today that it has closed a $27 million Series B. The company intends to use its new capital to rapidly expand i

Gabi gets $9.5M to help car and home owners find better insurance once it's available

If you own a car or home, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is finding the right insurance plan that'll cover everything you need and save you some money — but those plans are always changin

With $2.6 million in funding, Gabi wants to get you a better deal on insurance

Most people are overpaying for car or home insurance, but many don't know by how much or even how to compare different plans or carriers. That's where Gabi comes in. The startup, which has raised $2.6

Gabi: A Very Unique, Superlative Interface For Browsing Facebook

We're familiar with it all by now: the Facebook news feed, the notifications and the ticker. Plus, there have been plenty of Facebook clients, readers and iPad apps. Given all of those years of iterat