Gabi: A Very Unique, Superlative Interface For Browsing Facebook

We’re familiar with it all by now: the Facebook news feed, the notifications and the ticker. Plus, there have been plenty of Facebook clients, readers and iPad apps.

Given all of those years of iterations since Facebook was launched all the way back in wee 2004, what is left to be completely rethought?

Apparently a lot.

I took a look at an app called Gabi from a Berlin-based iOS developer named loui Apps. It’s completely unlike any other interface I’ve seen for Facebook.

For one, it’s literally about asking superlative questions (see the featured image at the top).

You can find which of your photos have been most liked by your friends over a day, a week or indefinitely. You can find which of your friends are single or married, (a feature which Facebook hid several years ago).

You can also out which of your friends had the most liked photos of the day. Or the most liked status updates. Or which books and TV shows are most liked by your friends.

There are more than 100 variants of questions you can ask inside the app, most of which are inaccessible in the traditional form of Facebook.

It’s a completely novel way of browsing the social network. It’s got a gridlike homepage and all of the answers in the app generate┬átaggable lists, which can be shared into Timeline.

The app was created by a small team of designers and developers in Berlin, led by Stefanie Hoffman and Gabriel Palomino. The app is a paid one at $0.99.