Real estate investing giant Fundrise breaks into venture capital

Investing in private markets has long been reserved for the ultra-rich. Thanks to tech startups, though, the process is becoming much more accessible for those who aren’t members of the “o

Fundrise invests $128M into expansion of Saltbox’s warehouse, co-working spaces for entrepreneurs

Fundrise will acquire warehouses ranging in size from 50,000 to 150,000 square feet that will house the new Saltbox locations.

Alternative assets are becoming mainstream

Simply put: alternative assets are the things that probably wouldn’t come up when you meet with your financial advisor.

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How founders are taking on housing costs worldwide.

Technology is finally eliminating geography as a barrier to real estate investing

Real estate investing has long elicited a variety of emotions, running the gamut from excitement to anxiety. When dealing with significant sums of capital, feelings of apprehension tend to creep in, e

Well-Funded Fundrise Fires CFO, Citing Extortion Attempt

It’s strange days for Fundrise, a Washington, D.C.-based crowdfunding platform that allows a range of investors to fund commercial real estate projects. Earlier today, The Real Deal, an outlet t

Fundrise Raising $50 Million for Real Estate Crowdfunding

Fundrise, the real estate crowdfunding site, is offering up to $50 million in shares to the public, for the launch of its online real estate investment trust. This REIT will be used to invest in a