Fring, An Early Mover In Mobile Messaging And Video Apps, Sells For $50M To Genband To Build Out WhatsApps For Carriers

<a target="_blank" href="">Fring</a>, an early startup that focused on creating group messaging and video calling apps for mobile phones, competing against the likes of Skype and W

Investors Bet Another $10 Million On Fring's Ability To Rival Skype (+ Microsoft)

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Exclusive -</strong> Mobile communications startup <a href="">fring</a>, fresh off t

Skype Demands Mobile App Nimbuzz Remove Support, Effective October 31st

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <strong>Exclusive:</strong> <a href="">Nimbuzz</a>, a popular m

Skype Blocks, Threatens To Sue Fring

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Late last week, mobile communication services provider <a href="">fring</a> relea

Skype Blocks, Threatens To Sue Fring (Update: Skype Says Fring Is Lying)

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Late last week, mobile communication services provider <a href="">fring</a> relea

Fring for iPhone gets one-way video calling

<img src="" /> Last week, Fring took their first step into the video calling space by bringing <a href="http://www.mobil

Fring Brings Free Video Calling To The iPhone, Nokia Smartphones

<img src="" width="133" height="200" />Apple has long been <a href="">rumored<

Fring Finds Its Way To The Android Market

<img src="" width="119" height="200" /><a href="">Fring</a>, a tool for social communication through mobile

eBuddy, The Swiss Army Knife For Instant Messaging, Is Now Available On Android

<a href=""><img src="" width="155" height="200" /></a>The Netherlands-based <a href="http://www.ebuddy.c

Mobile Communication Startup fring Bags More Funding

<img src="" width="161" height="62" /> <a href="">Fring</a>, the Israel-based mobile call and c

Skype Integration On Handsets: Threat Or Opportunity For Mobile VoIP Startups?

<img src="" /><a href="">Skype</a> is (finally) teaming up with mobile handset maker Nokia to get th

Fring Integrates Into Its Mobile VoIP Client

<img src="" alt="" />Mobile VoIP and IM service <a href="">fring</a>, one of the more popular mobile

Fring Lays Off 20%, Says Business Is Surging

<img alt="" />Israel-based mobile VoIP startup <a href="">Fring</a> joins the <a href="">layoff</a> parade by letting 10 people, or around 20% of tot

Fring Trials Ads On Free Mobile Chat/VoIP Application

<img src="" /> <a href="">Fring</a> is trialing something it should have implemented long ago if it ever planned to

Fring brings Skype and other VoIP services to iPhone

After 6 months of not-quite-official availability for those of us with jailbroken iPhones, Fring, a free mobile Voice-over-IP service (VoIP), has made its way to the App Store. With that, a day that s

N96 and N78 get Fring support

Bummed out because the N78 doesn’t offer VoIP compatability right out of the box? Fear not – Fring has got you covered. Apparently using their own VoIP client rather than the Nokia-made cl

Fring adds Nokia E66 support

Fring has a thing for Nokia as of late, it seems. It wasn’t too long ago that they added N810 support; then two days ago, they added support for the Nokia E71. Now they’ve gone and added t

VoIP On My iPhone

While most iPhone users are stuck with an iBrick this morning as Apple’ servers can’t complete the last step of the upgrade process, those of us smart enough to take the unofficial upgrade

Cheap Calls! Truphone Raises £16.5 million In Series B

UK-based Truphone, a VoIP service provider for Wifi/data enabled handsets, announced a £16.5 million ($32.7 million) second round of financing today, adding to the £12.5 million ($24.5 million) they

Fring comes to the iPhone

We’ve reported on Fring before at CG so there’s not much need to go into details about what they do, but if you’re new to the game then check here for details. Today, Fring launched
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