Fring for iPhone gets one-way video calling


Last week, Fring took their first step into the video calling space by bringing Fring/Skype video support to a handful of Nokias. Not looking to let the momentum fizzle, Fring has already released their next video-enabled app — this time for the iPhone.

Alas, the iPhone lacks a front facing camera. Two-way video conferencing would be a bit awkward with one person having to rotate the handset every time they wanted to talk. As a result, video chat support on the iPhone Fring app has been watered down a bit, allowing for incoming video only. It’s not quite as fancy – but there’s not much that could be done with the current hardware set up. (Psst, Apple – time to add a front facing camera.)

You can check out the new video-enabled iPhone app here: iTunes Link

TechCrunch also covered the new update here.