FreedomPop moves into financial services, in partnership with Prudential

Ahead of a big fundraising to fuel its mobile ambitions, “free” mobile service startup FreedomPop is taking an unexpected strategic side-road to expand into a completely different area: fi

FreedomPop Raises Another $50M, Launches “Free” Global Data Hotspot And SIM

FreedomPop, the startup disrupting the businesses of traditional mobile carriers by giving people ways to use mobile devices free of any charges, is today adding another sizeable round to its coffers

Intel Puts $22M In 10 Startups, With A Stake In FreedomPop To Launch A Rival To Google’s Project Fi

Intel Capital, the venture arm of the tech giant, today announced $22 million in new investments across 10 startups. The news was delivered at the company’s annual global summit, where it also s

FreedomPop Raises $10M More, Inks Strategic Deal With New Investor, Asian Carrier Axiata

FreedomPop, the U.S. wireless carrier startup that has been building a business based on completely free voice and data services, has raised another $10 million in funding from two strategic investors

Rejecting M&A, FreedomPop Raises Another $30M For Its Free Mobile Service

FreedomPop is taking another step ahead today in its bid to build out a global mobile business based on free voice, text and data bundles and upselling additional services. Amid months of M&A

As Acquisition Rumors Swirl, Free Mobile Service FreedomPop Goes Live In The UK

FreedomPop, the mobile carrier that gives away mobile, data and text services and upsells users on other services, is today announcing its first international launch outside of the U.S. The company

FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited Wi-Fi Across The US For $5/Month

FreedomPop, the startup that is trying to steal users away from mobile carriers by offering free, basic cellular voice and data plans, is adding another string to its bow today: the company is laun

FreedomPop Brings Its Free Wireless Service To Europe, Sans Handsets

FreedomPop, the startup out of LA that has been going after U.S. carriers' wireless business with a "free" basic mobile offering, is now bringing a SIM-only version of its service to Europe and beyond

FreedomPop To Offer App-Sized Data Plans, Free Use Of Sponsored Apps

Earlier this month, Facebook made some waves in the mobile world when it acquired Pryte, a platform for carriers to sell bite-sized (byte-sized), cheaper, data for specific apps or other services. Fa

FreedomPop Announces The Privacy Phone, A Fully-Encrypted Smartphone For $10 A Month

Meet the Privacy Phone, a device that FreedomPop brags is the only smartphone and mobile service that allows for encrypted communications. Lovingly nicknamed the “Snowden Phone” by Freedom

FreedomPop Takes Aim At Carriers With Its New, Free Phone Plan

Is your cell phone bill too expensive? So is mine. Wireless data startup <a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop</a> has been trying to tackle that little financial truth

Freemium Wireless Startup FreedomPop Embraces Sprint’s LTE Network With New Hardware

If there was ever a reason <em>not</em> to use wireless data startup FreedomPop's freemium mobile internet service, it's because you were stuck cruising on Clearwire's pokey WiMAX signals. Not everyon

FreedomPop Raises Another $5 Million To Help Launch Its Freemium Mobile Phone Service

Freemium wireless internet provider (and soon to be wireless carrier) FreedomPop revealed that it has just locked up another $5 million in funding from existing investors DCM Capital and Mangrove Capi

FreedomPop Will Take On Carriers This Summer By Offering Smartphones And A New Freemium Phone Plan

Freemium wireless internet startup <a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop</a> has been out to undercut traditional wireless carriers on data plan costs for <a target="_blank" h

Nine Months After Talking Up The Carrier Deal, FreedomPop Shows Off Its First Sprint-Friendly Hotspot

<a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop </a>has been promising to bring mostly free 4G internet access to the masses for over a year now, but those ambitions have been hampered

After Focusing Mainly On Mobile, FreedomPop Is Now Bringing Freemium WiMAX Internet To Your Home

FreedomPop has spent the past year trying to turn the wireless industry on its ear with its freemium mobile internet service, but the Niklas Zennstrom-backed company is now setting its sights on repla

FreedomPop Raises Another $4.3 Million In Funding, Finally Lets Users Share Their Data

Freemium wireless service provider <a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop</a> has been pumping out its fair share of hardware lately, and its momentum seems to have been receiv

Three Months After The First Teaser, FreedomPop Begins Shipping Its $99 WiMAX-Friendly iPod Touch Cases

Freemium wireless Internet startup <a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop</a> made good on its word by kicking off its public beta earlier this month and hocking USB modems and

FreedomPop Opens Its Freemium Internet Service To The Masses With New Public Beta

It’s been <a href="">nearly a year</a> since a company called FreedomPop announced its inten

FreedomPop Reveals New WiMax iPod Touch Case, Sheds Light On Data Pricing Plans

There's been quite a little buzz building around <a href="">FreedomPop</a> thanks to its ambitious plans to provide freemium wireless internet to everyone in the
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