Microsoft offloads Nokia feature phone business to Foxconn for $350M

Microsoft is selling the feature phone business it acquired from Nokia back in 2013 to a subsidiary of Chinese manufacturer Foxconn for $350 million, it announced today. At the same time former owner

Foxconn confirms Sharp takeover for a reduced price of $3.5B

Foxconn's proposed acquisition of Sharp, a deal that was sensationally put on hold last month after Sharp had announced it, has been completed today after both companies confirmed the agreement.

Foxconn Pauses Its Proposed $6.2 Billion Acquisition Of Sharp

Foxconn's proposed acquisition of Sharp has hit a snag, just hours after Japan-based Sharp announced that it had agreed to the buyout, which is estimated at around $6.2 billion.

No Casualties Reported After Fire At Foxconn’s Zhengzhou Plant

The Foxconn factory that handles most of the firm’s Apple iPhone manufacturing suffered damage today when a fire started in its central air conditioning system and spread to several floors. A repres

Apple Reveals Solar Energy Programs To Clean Up Its Manufacturing Partners In China

Apple has plunged billions of dollars into making its global operations more efficient with renewable energy. The bulk of that push, which has won praise from Greenpeace, has come in the U.S. and Euro

Nucleus Raises $3.4M To Build A Smart Home Intercom

Available for pre-order today, Nucleus is a connected home device that lets families have two-way audio and video conversations in the home, between homes, or with any mobile device. Homes using Nu

Snapdeal Confirms $500M Investment From Alibaba, SoftBank and Foxconn

Indian e-commerce platform Snapdeal has confirmed that it received $500 million of funding from three of Asia’s largest tech companies: Alibaba, Foxconn, and SoftBank. Returning investors Temasek, B

Xiaomi Is Now Making Smartphones In India

Xiaomi, the company that topped China's smartphone market in the last quarter, has begun manufacturing devices in India in another move to localize its brand in the South Asia country.

Fitness Wearable Developer Lemonade Lab Scores $5.8M From Foxconn Unit

Lemonade Lab, which develops sensors for athletes, has scored $5.8 million led by a Foxconn subsidiary. The Boston- and Tokyo-based startup will form a strategic partnership with FIH Mobile, which pro

Snapdeal, One Of India’s Largest E-Commerce Players, Reportedly Gets $500M From Alibaba, Foxconn And SoftBank

Snapdeal, one of India’s biggest e-commerce companies, has scooped up $500 million in funding from Alibaba, Foxconn and SoftBank, according to Re/code. The Wall Street Journal first reported in J

SoftBank Lands $236M From Alibaba And Foxconn To Bring Its Pepper Robot To The World

Remember Pepper, the intelligent robot that SoftBank unveiled in Japan last year? Pepper goes on sale in Japan this coming weekend, but in advance of that launch SoftBank has revealed that Alibaba and

Foxconn Invests In Cyanogen

Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn, best known for being an Apple supplier, has made a strategic investment in the Cyanogen version of the Android mobile OS.

Apple Responds To BBC Panorama’s Portrayal Of Supplier Conditions

Apple was the subject of a recent investigative report by BBC's Panorama program, which presented as part of its findings various instances where suppliers of the Mac maker violated Apple's own stated

Mobile Authentication Tech Startup AirSig Gets $2M From Foxconn

AirSig, a Taiwanese startup that makes authentication products for mobile devices, has received $2 million in investment from Foxconn Technology Group. In return, Foxconn will hold a 10 percent stake

Foxconn’s FIH Invests $2.2M In Social Media Site mig33

Project Goth (PGI), the holding company of mig33, has received $2.2 million in funding from FIH, one of Foxconn’s handset manufacturing service providers in a deal that could preload the socia

BlackBerry’s First Foxconn Partnership Phone Will Be 3G BB10 Device, Coming March Or April 2014

BlackBerry announced today that it would be partnering with Foxconn to produce devices going forward, and CEO John Chen revealed a few details about the first fruits of that partnership on the company

BlackBerry To Work With Foxconn On New Smartphone For Growing Markets As It Posts $4.4B Loss

BlackBerry announced its fiscal Q3 2014 results today, and the numbers aren't pretty. The company revealed a whopping $4.4 billion GAAP-adjusted loss for the quarter, which includes a write-down on cu

Manufacturing Giant Foxconn Is Moving Into The Hardware Accelerator Game

<a href="">Foxconn</a>, the gargantuan manufacturer of electronics, is experimenting in the hardware accelerator market by turning an underused Nokia campus in B

Hon Hai Looks Toward Indonesia’s Promising Economy As Apple’s Growth Slows

Hon Hai is planning to diversify its business away from producing Apple devices by signing an agreement with Indonesia to make and sell handsets in that country, reports Reuters. A Hon Hai spokesman s

Foxconn Becomes Largest Microsoft Patent Licensee, Pays Royalty Per Android And Chrome Device

Microsoft just scored a coup on the patent royalty front, with a new deal with Taiwanese phone maker, Hon Hai, which owns Foxconn. Under the terms of the deal, Microsoft will get paid a flat fee per A
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