• A Sad Day At Fox Interactive – No More Free Lunches

    Don’t expect big layoffs at MySpace parent company Fox Interactive Media any time soon. In an email to all staff on Friday, Fox Interactive chief Peter Levinsohn says that 2009 will be an “even rockier economic climate” and takes steps to reduce costs. Chief among the changes – the end of the free lunch program for all employees (the French would riot over such an… Read More

  • News Corp May Have Found God, But Not LinkedIn

    News Corp has acquired New York based religious community site Beliefnet, according to a report at FishbowlNY. Beliefnet was founded in 1999 and provides a service that offers commentary and community discussion on various religious beliefs. The company has a checkered history, having declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2002, then restructuring and emerging from bankruptcy in October the… Read More

  • Murdoch To Turn WSJ Into Quasi Reuters/ AP

    The News Corp owned The Australian newspaper is to start syndicating content from the Wall Street Journal complete with WSJ branding. According to The Guardian, the deal comes before the finalization of the News Corp takeover of Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal’s parent company, however may indicate a sign of things to come. The Australian previously syndicated content from the… Read More

  • Big Anti-Piracy Alliance To Be Launched Friday

    A new joint copyright alliance that includes CBS Corp., Dailymotion, Microsoft, NBC Universal, News Corp.’s Fox and MySpace units, Viacom Inc. and Walt Disney Co is due to launch Friday, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Google is noted as not being a member of the grouping, but in discussions to join. The group will address copyright-related issues including video… Read More