Europe’s Search De-Listing Ruling Is Mostly About Social Media Privacy Invasions

It's one year since the European Court of Justice made Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales spit out his breakfast crumpet and spew crumbs of outrage all over the Internet. I am of course talking about the so-call

Social Networks And Directories Main Target Of European Search De-Listing Requests

Some interesting data has been released today by the service, regarding Europe's so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling. The data suggests most requests for de-listing personal informa

Google Has Tightened Its European Search De-Listing Request Process, an online service for Europeans wishing to submit de-listing requests to search engines asking for outdated or irrelevant personal information to be de-indexed, has put out new details of t Puts Out Early Data On What Europeans Want To Vanish From Google

An online service called, launched last week to quickly capitalize on a European court ruling from late May that requires Google to process requests by private individuals to de-index outdat Launches To Ride Coattails Of European “Right To Be Forgotten” Ruling

One company's regulatory pain is another company's pleasure. Following the recent European Court Of Justice ruling in which Google must respect an individual's “<a href="