• Next Jump Acquires FlightCaster, The Flight Delay Prediction Engine

    Back in July 2009 we wrote about a Y Combinator-funded startup called FlightCaster that looks to help you predict flight delays — before the airline even tells you about them. The service looks at air traffic, weather, and a variety of other factors to predict these delays, and the early warning can be very helpful if you need to book a different flight. Today, the startup is… Read More

  • Big Data Is Less About Size, And More About Freedom

    Big Data Is Less About Size, And More About Freedom

    Editor’s note: Big Data has been around for a long time between credit card transactions, phone call records and financial markets. Companies like AT&T, Visa, Bank of America, Ebay, Google, Amazon and more have massive databases they mine for competitive advantage. But lately, Big Data is finding its way to the smallest startups. The Web and cloud computing brings Big Data everywhere. Read More

  • Down To Business: Amazon Announces Its AWS Start-Up Challenge Winners

    Amazon has announced the winners of its 2009 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Start-Up Challenge. The main criteria was to come up with a start-up that could have a lasting impact while utilizing AWS for its infrastructure. The grand prize winner this year is GoodData, a SaaS business analytics startup that helps companies easily visual data and metrics. The company won a combination prize of $50,000… Read More

  • FlightCaster Takes Off With $1.3 Million In Funding And A New API

    It seems that flight delays could turn into a big business. FlightCaster, the startup that helps predict flight delays long before the airlines themselves usually do, has just landed a $1.3 million funding round led by Tandem Entrepreneurs and Sherpalo Ventures. FlightCaster previously recieved money as part of the Y Combinator program. Today the company is also launching a new API… Read More

  • Silicon Valley Elite Flock To Y Combinator Demo Day

    I’m here at Y Combinator’s Demo Day, where the latest batch of the incubator program’s startups are showing off the fruits of their labor to a room of press and VCs from around Silicon Valley. The turnout today is huge — VCs representing billions of dollars in managed funds are here, with investors from US Venture Partners, XG Ventures, Founder’s Fund… Read More

  • YC-Funded Flightcaster Tells You When Your Flight Is Delayed Hours Before The Airline Will

    “ON TIME”. It’s the first thing we look for when we arrive at the airport — oftentimes we’ll even check a flight’s status before leaving home to make sure things are proceeding as planned. But as anyone who has done extensive traveling could tell you, that ‘On Time’ indicator isn’t exactly honest. Like an ostrich sticking its head in… Read More