• A Mobile Photo Sharing Casualty, Treehouse Hits The Deadpool; Founder Off To Google

    In terms of hot spaces at the moment, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything hotter than the mobile photo sharing space. Instagram, PicPlz, and Path all have gotten huge amounts of funding recently. And the latter even turned down a massive $100 million+ offer from Google. So the space is just minting money and everyone is riding high, right? Well, not exactly. It can be easy to forget… Read More

  • Fun Photo App Treehouse Has The Simple Sharing Mechanic That Facebook Needs

    What I want is simple: a way to share certain things with my friends, and other things with everyone. “Simple” is the keyword there because you can do that with Facebook, but it’s not simple enough. I want flick-one-switch simple, not create list, use drop-down, choose Everyone or Friends and Networks, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, Customize simple. A few startups are… Read More

  • Vidly: Twitvid.io Changes Names, Direction, And Gets Funding

    When Twitvid.io launched back in May, it was amid a mad rush of startups trying to become the “TwitPic of Video” for Twitter. This included another startup, Twitvid.com, which caused a lot of confusion among users. It also apparently brought out the cease and desist orders from Leo Laporte, who has the rights to the TWiT (This Week in Tech) name. Needless to say, the timing was… Read More

  • Y Combinator Startup Fliggo Lets You Build Your Own YouTube

    First we had Ning, which lets you build your own niche social network. Now we have Fliggo, which lets you build your own YouTube. Fliggo is the latest startup to come out of Y Combinator. It has been in private beta for a while, but is now open to the public. Fliggo lets you create your own video-sharing site. It hosts and streams the videos, and provides “grandma-friendly”… Read More