Vidly: Changes Names, Direction, And Gets Funding

screen-shot-2009-08-28-at-13239-amWhen launched back in May, it was amid a mad rush of startups trying to become the “TwitPic of Video” for Twitter. This included another startup,, which caused a lot of confusion among users. It also apparently brought out the cease and desist orders from Leo Laporte, who has the rights to the TWiT (This Week in Tech) name. Needless to say, the timing was right for a name change for, and so they’ve done that. They’re now Vidly.

But the change is about more than just removing user confusion and clearing up legal issues, it also represents a shift away from a sole focus on Twitter. Vidly’s new goal is to be the most convient way for people to share video on the web, no matter what service they use. And they’re going to start that by launching an iPhone app that will allow users to easily upload videos they take to a range of services including yes, Twitter and Facebook.

And Vidly (which can also be spelled, as they own that domain as well as the dot com) already has a big time supporter: California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, when he’s not busy doing Q&A sessions at Twitter HQ, the Governator is using Vidly to spread his agenda. Here’s Schwarzenegger’s page on the site.

While the first step is an iPhone app (alongside the website), Vidly co-founder Chrys Bader also says that BlackBerry and Android products are in the pipeline. “Basically, we want to be anywhere where there is a video audience. And not necessarily just in the U.S. either,” Bader tells us.

Along those lines, the company has taken a $500,000 angel round of funding from the likes of Ron Conway and other individual investors. The money is being used to staff up, since the company currently only has 2 employees.

Before Vidly was, it was known as Fliggo, a Y Combinator startup. As Vidly, the startup still faces plenty of competition, though many are solely focused on Twitter video sharing right now.