PS3 2.53 firmware finally shows up and enables full screen Flash

It took a while, but the full-screen Flash 2.53 PS3 firmware is available for your updating. So yeah, now, after the long holiday weekend, you can watch YouTube videos full screen on you TV. Exciting.

Apple TV 2.3 firmware now available

Remember your Apple TV? That thing next to the TiVo? It’s ready for its upgrade. The improvements are very minor but it now supports third-party remote control learning and AirTunes streaming to

Google sends out Android update RC30 – blocks ‘jailbreak’

While a significant chunk of G1 owners still await the RC29 update that started rolling out a few days ago, Google has already queued up another one. While people generally welcome updates with open a

Sony updates the PS3 firmware to 2.52

The PS3 firmware just got a teeny-tiny bump that improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software and also fixing a bug concerning text entry via the on-screen keyboard, USB keyboard, or Blue

Yep, iPhone firmware 2.2 is still vulnerable to jailbreaking

When the developer world first got glimpse of the iPhone 2.2 firmware back in late September, many were surprised to find out that nothing had been done to try and block users from jailbreaking (that

What’s new in the iPhone 2.2 firmware?

Once word got out that the iPhone firmware 2.2 had been seeded to developers, the rumors mills started churning at maximum power. While speculation has been rampant, a source of ours stopped by to ver

Homebrew Channel updated to work on new Wii firmware

The Homebrew Channel, which broke when Nintendo upgraded on October 23, is working again and has improved memory card support and SDHC support built in. I haven’t been following the soft Wii hac

The little-noticed PS3 2.50 firmware extras

Like an iceberg, there’s more to the recent 2.50 firmware update for the PS3 than we initially saw. Like how you can now input a Divx VOD Registration Code, which you’ll need if you ever w

PS3 Firmware update is now live [Update: So is v5.0 for the PSP]

So says the official PlayStation Twitter thing. Firmware v2.5 brings Bluetooth support, auto shutoff after downloads have completed, Flash 9 support and other goodies that we reported on yesterday. Fi

Instinct gets a firmware upgrade, browser gets a bit of polish

Over the weekend, Instinct owners discovered they had a new patch awaiting them courtesy of Sprint and Samsung. Anxiously awaiting the patch that will bring keyboard support to Java applications on th

Rockbox open-source MP3 player firmware hits 3.0

For those of you who don’t care for the stock interface or firmware on your digital music player, there’s the Rockbox firmware, which works on many Archos, iRiver, iPod, iAudio, Gigabeat, and Sans

QuickPwn 2.1 released for Windows

It took a few days after the iPhone-dev team managed to tear the iPhone 2.1 update open for them to make the port, but Windows users are now free to get in on the 2.1 jailbreak good times. If you&#821

iPod Touch 2.1 firmware jailbroken

Instructions for Use: iPod Touch firmware comes out. It is jailbroken immediately. Rinse. Repeat. via Eng

iPhone 2.1 update now live: All sorts of bug fixes (hopefully)

Connect your iPhone to your computer right now to start downloading the just-released 2.1 firmware. This is the big one that’s supposed to fix all sorts of bugs and performance issues. It’

iPhone 2.0.1 firmware now out

No massive changes reported but it appears that the 249.2MB 2.0.1 firmware is live and ready to install. The release coincides with an iTunes update and some are reporting some improvements in speed a

PS3 firmware 2.42 released: Improves playback quality of some games

Ladies and germs, Sony has released the 2.42 firmware for the PS3. According to the official US PlayStation blog, Pravda, it “improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation form

iPhone 2.1 firmware to get better GPS functionality

Turn-by-turn, anyone? Gear Live is reporting that the new 2.1 firmware will have better GPS integration and allow programs to sense the direction you’re moving and your speed which points to fut

What's up with the iP3G?

Well, this is weird. My buddy Justin just purchased a white 16GB iP3G in Santa Monica and his came preloaded with firmware 5A347 (this was the firmware that was leaked a day before hand) while the one

YouTube on TiVo: Two great tastes…

Putting YouTube on something is like a gang initiation for Valley companies. “Sure,” the others say, “You’ve made a plastic robot dinosaur. But does it have YouTube?” Tha

Dell Latitude XT owners get free multitouch upgrade

Here are Hans and Roy from Dell to tell you about the new multitouch firmware upgrade for the Latitude XT tablet PC. Hey relax, Roy, you’re doing fine, buddy. Just slow down a bit and watch those er
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