TechCrunch Fintech: Meet PayJoy, a fintech operating at the intersection of doing good and making money

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech! This week, we’re looking at how two fintech companies serving the underserved are faring, and more! To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important finte

How PayJoy built a $300M business by letting the underserved use their smartphones as collateral for loans

Lerato Motloung is a mother of two who works in a supermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa. After her phone was stolen, Motloung had to go without a mobile phone for nine months because she could not

TransferGo raises $10M to expand its remittance business in Asia, doubling valuation

TransferGo, the U.K.-based fintech best known as a consumer platform for global remittances, has raised a $10 million growth funding round from Taiwan-based investor Taiwania Capital, with a view to e

Fintech representation in YC’s Demo Days is definitely shrinking

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech! This week, we’re looking at just how many fintech companies made it into Y Combinator’s Winter 2024 cohort, how much funding slid in the first quarter, and more! To

Fintech funding slows to the lowest level since 2017

CB Insights released its Q1 2024 State of Venture Report, revealing that fintech funding slid by 16% during the three-month period.

Robinhood’s new Gold Card, BaaS challenges and the tiny startup that caught Stripe’s eye

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech (formerly The Interchange)! This week, we’re looking at Robinhood’s new Gold Card, challenges in the BaaS space and how a tiny startup caught Stripe’s eye. To get a

NewRetirement aims to shake up retirement planning with a holistic approach

NewRetirement builds software to help people create financial retirement plans.

Robinhood’s new credit card goes after Apple Card with ability to invest cash-back perks

Eight months after acquiring credit card startup X1 for $95 million, Robinhood announced today the launch of its new Gold Card, with a list of features that could even give Apple Card users envy. Robi

Synctera is the latest banking-as-a-service startup to lay off staff

Banking-as-a-service startup (BaaS) Synctera has conducted a restructuring that has resulted in a staff reduction, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. While Synctera did not share how many employees

Maju Kuruvilla is out as CEO of one-click checkout company Bolt

Maju Kuruvilla is no longer CEO of one-click checkout company Bolt. He is replaced by Justin Grooms, Bolt’s global head of sales, who is now interim CEO, according to Grooms’ LinkedIn profile. Kur

Non-sexy industries can appeal to investors too

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech (formerly The Interchange)! This week, we’re looking at some hot fintech startups in Africa, how Mint’s closure has been Copilot’s gain and why VCs have dou

Swiss fintech nsave gets $4M to enable people from unstable economies to open offshore accounts

Swiss fintech nsave, which is making banking in Switzerland accessible to people in countries with unstable banking sectors or facing high inflation, has raised $4 million seed funding. The round was

VCs double down on fintech Coast, which aims to be the Brex for ‘real-world’ industries

The expense management arena is a crowded one, with well-funded players such as Brex, Ramp and Navan all clamoring for market share. Those companies are generally focused on tech startups and large co

Ramp CEO says the fintech startup is just scratching the surface

Fintech exploded over the last five years. Startups in the category raised more than $350 billion in VC funding from 2019 through 2023, according to data from CB Insights. Despite all that growth, Eri

Nala set out to offer remittance services, it’s building a B2B payment platform too

Payments company Nala pivoted to offer remittance service in 2021, tapping the growing money transfer market in Africa, and demand for reliable and affordable services. Nala founder Benjamin Fernandes

YC-backed digital bank Onyx Private tells customers it’s closing their accounts

Miami-based Onyx Private, a Y Combinator-backed digital bank that provided banking and investment services for high-earning Millennials and Gen Zers, is terminating its bank operations. In a March 13

Stripe’s growth continues to impress as total payment volume tops $1 trillion

The company says it was cash flow positive in 2023, and plans to be again in 2024. With $8.7 billion in venture capital it likely means it has little to no need to raise more before it goes public.

‘Banking-as-a-Service’ startup Griffin raises $24M as it attains full banking license

Founded by former Silicon Valley engineers, UK-based Griffin Bank, has now raised $24 million (£19 million) in a fresh, extended Series A, funding round.

Why does every startup want to help you get paid?

Welcome to TechCrunch Fintech (formerly The Interchange)! This week, we’re looking at the piping hot global payroll space, neobank Dave’s financial results and related stock boost, and mor

Flush with cash, French fintech unicorn Qonto acquires Regate

While many entrepreneurs are currently facing the harsh reality of a VC funding crunch, Qonto isn’t one of them. The Paris-based business banking startup still has hundreds of millions of cash on ha
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