Instagram’s DM filter tool now expands to Story replies, claims to catch intentional spelling mistakes

After facing criticism over failing to protect users from abusive accounts, Instagram has been steadily introducing new safety tools over the last few years. Today, the company is launching new tools

Tumblr says it fixed the ‘Safe Mode’ glitch that hid innocent posts, including LGBTQ+ content

Tumblr this week introduced a “safe mode” for its service, which combines the company’s previously available “safe search” functionality with a new filter that would hide

New subscription service Circle Go lets parents manage kids’ devices outside the home

The company behind a device that helps parents enforce their┬áhome’s internet rules and restrictions, Circle with Disney, launched last winter in partnership with Disney for its included media c

England’s Adviser On The Commercialization And Sexualisation Of Childhood Finds Website Hacked, Blames Everyone

<a target="_blank" href="">Claire Perry</a> [SFW] is England's Net Nanny who, over the past few months, has pushed that <a href="

Live and Let Die

Apparently we are now in the endgame, the victims of information overload ready for the triumph of socially curated automation flows. You'd think people might be wary of placing big bets on impossible

In China: Acer, Lenovo and Asustek voluntarily ship PCs with filtering software

<img src="" /> <a href="">Green Dam</a>, a filtering software that's supposed to pr

Delta Airlines will filter in-flight Internet access after all

While Delta initially said it had no plans to filter Web sites from its in-flight broadband offerings, complaints have caused the airline to change its mind. When the service launches later this, Delt

Australia moving ahead with ISP-level porn filtering despite previous failures

[photopress:ausxxx.jpg,full,center] Despite the fact that previously attempted ISP-level filtering technology failed, the Australian government will go ahead with a plan to implement such filtering, s

Joel Johnson takes on AT&T's packet filter plans – on an AT&T-funded web TV channel

AT&T runs a “tech channel” and there is a show on there run by Hugh Thompson, a security researcher turned eccentric chat show host. They booked Joel Johnson, my old boss at Gizmodo an

Gmail Needs Foreign Character Filtering

DownloadSquad brings up an excellent point regarding the filtering abilities found in Gmail. While Gmail does one of the best jobs of filtering junk and spam e-mail, a lot of the time spam littered wi