Fan TV Is A Next-Generation Set-Top Box For Live TV, DVR, VOD, And Streaming Services Like Netflix

Video discovery startup Fanhattan is getting ready to change the way that viewers watch TV, with a new streaming set-top box that combines all of the best parts of TV, DVR, and VOD, while also giving

Video Discovery Startup Fanhattan Launches A Web Interface With More Than 1 Million Movies And TV Titles

It’s not hard to find video on the web. But with dozens of premium content providers out there and millions of videos to choose from, figuring out what’s worth watching can be a challenge. That’

Video Discovery Startup Fanhattan Adds Amazon Prime Videos To Its iPad App

Just a week or so ago, video discovery startup Fanhattan rolled out a <a href="

Fanhattan Adds A Personalized News Feed To The Mix, Lets You Read While You Watch

We've been following the Fanhattan iPhone/iPad app from <a href="">the very beginning</a>, when it was e

Fanhattan Beefs Up Selection With New Content Partners: Crackle, Lifetime, And PBS

I've always enjoyed using the <a href="">Fanhattan app</a>. It's smart, available on <a href="https://be

Fanhattan TV Discovery App Migrates To The iPhone

While there are plenty of Apple fanbois out there with the full arsenal of i-branded goodies, not all of us have the cash to afford an iMac, MacBook Air, iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. While <a href="https://b

Fanhattan Promises Better Internet TV Through The Power Of Data (TCTV)

<img src=""/> The TV is the last screen in most people's homes to be conquered by the Internet. Although with so many companies both bi