Video Discovery Startup Fanhattan Adds Amazon Prime Videos To Its iPad App

Just a week or so ago, video discovery startup Fanhattan rolled out a new version of its app that includes the ability to add a personalized watchlist, as well as a whole bunch of new content partners, including NBC, HBO, The CW, and Cinemax. Not content to stop there, Fanhattan has just added another big new partner: Amazon Prime.

The very newest version of the Fanhattan app allows users to search across Amazon Prime titles, so they can see movies on that service alongside Netflix, iTunes, and other iPad video apps. It didn’t take long for Amazon’s library to become part of Fanhattan’s index — it was just last week that the Amazon Prime app made its way to the iPad. Amazon launched its Prime Instant Video service, which offers up more than 18,000 titles of video content as part of users’ $79 Prime subscription, which also gives them free two-day shipping on many items.

The addition of Amazon Prime brings the total number of content partners up to 15, and not only increases the number of titles available through Fanhattan’s video discovery service, but also provides another place to watch them. Since Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes in particular have a fair amount of overlap in their libraries, the new content partner provides additional variety for those who prefer its app features, or who maybe don’t have a Netflix account, but do pay for Prime.

And for Amazon, being part of Fanhattan provides one more way for viewers to search through its titles and find something they might like. Fanhattan provides a search and discovery mechanism that provides recommendations based on other titles that they’ve liked, as well as social connections, highlighting movies and TV shows that their friends have also enjoyed. It also provides a watchlist, which will let users tag movies to save and watch later.