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  • Facebook tests turning comment reels into message threads

    Facebook tests turning comment reels into message threads

    Comments on Facebook posts can get quite chatty, so Facebook is trying a new way to help you keep up. Some users now see comment reels appearing as persistently visible chat windows that pop up on their desktop versions of the site, just like traditional message threads.  TechCrunch reader Russell Smith sent us this screenshot. Facebook confirmed to us this is a new feature test on desktop for… Read More

  • Human-Curated Search Engine Blekko Adds Facebook Comments To Its Search Results

    Ever since its launch in November 2010, Blekko has been on a mission to eliminate spam and content farms from search results. The human-curated search engine, which is also known both for using actual mammals to edit search results and for its employ of slashtags for easy categorization, announced in March that it had banned over 1 million spammy domain names from its results. Using a new… Read More

  • Facebook Comments: What’s Easy Isn’t Always Right

    Editor’s note: Jordan Kretchmer is the founder of Livefyre, a realtime commenting and conversation platform for publishers and online communities.  He doesn’t think much of Facebook comments. In this guest post, he explains why. I’m not gonna lie, I hate Facebook Comments. It’s not just because it competes with my company’s product (though I’m sure that… Read More

  • The Facebook Bureau

    The Facebook Bureau

    This past weekend, I saw the film The Adjustment Bureau. It’s an entertaining movie — not great, but sort of fun and interesting. The plot (and I’m not giving anything away that the trailer doesn’t) involves a man who stumbles upon a shocking reality: he’s not in control of his destiny. Instead, there’s actually a secret group, the Adjustment Bureau, that… Read More

  • Hey Facebook, Your Code Is Showing (Comment Login From Google/Twitter/Etc)

    Last week, as we rolled out our new Facebook Comments system, we noted that two useful options were pulled at the last second: Twitter and Google login. And today brings more proof of that: the code still exists and works in the comment plugin itself! As dug up by Inside Facebook, a simple line of JavaScript can add back in the option for users to log-in with their Google and Twitter… Read More

  • Facebook Comments Have Silenced The Trolls — But Is It Too Quiet?

    Facebook Comments Have Silenced The Trolls — But Is It Too Quiet?

    As you’ve noticed by now, we’re about a week into our latest experiment in troll-slaying with Facebook Comments. So far, the reactions have been very mixed and very interesting. Publicly, many of the reactions were initially negative. But that has been shifting as time has gone on. Privately, most of the reactions have been positive. But not all of them. We appreciate the… Read More

  • The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Comments

    Today, Facebook rolled out a new commenting system for blogs and third-party sites. We’ve implemented it here on TechCrunch, and after a few hours of the system being live it is obvious that it has its share of pros and cons. Readers have certainly noticed, and there is already a ton debate about whether this is good or bad for the Internet. It is certainly not perfect. Facebook… Read More

  • With Facebook Comments, Twitter And Google Login Flew The Coop

    With Facebook Comments, Twitter And Google Login Flew The Coop

    Given that it’s an identity that 600 million people around the world already use, the push by Facebook into the publisher comment space is undoubtedly going to be a very, very strong one. And the fact that Yahoo is on board with the launch magnifies that strength. But it could have been even stronger. Facebook originally planned to use Twitter and Google logins for the commenting system… Read More