Voiijer’s new app offers a social community for nature-lovers and explorers

Social media often disconnects people from the real world, keeping people inside scrolling feeds on their phones. New social app Voiijer wants to do the opposite by connecting nature enthusiasts to th

Google Lets Anyone In The U.S. Become A Glass Explorer For $1,500 Starting April 15

Google isn’t doing its consumer launch of Glass just yet, but it is doing the next best thing: Opening up the Glass Explorer program to anyone in the U.S. starting April 15. That’s right,

Rolex Owner Gets A Christmas Surprise: Posted His Watch On eBay For $9.95, Final Bid Was $60,000

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ShowImage-imageUrl-storage-Rollie.png">A retired Navy doctor wanted to sell a few of this old knick-knacks and posted his Rolex on eBay f

MS Explorer Crashes and Freezes Up, Outlook Doesn't Look Good

Word is that Access is limited for rescuers – the ice gives them limited Windows of opportunity. Let’s hope everything Works out and the passengers are Zune brought to safety. Glad this di