• Rumor: Sprint to get social network crazy with the Samsung M550 Exclaim!

    Ex•claim (verb): To cry out suddenly or vehemently, as from surprise or emotion: god, I love social networking!. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but if Sprint has its way with this rumored Samsung M550 Exclaim device, that’s exactly what all the kids will be shouting. Based on these supposed leaked images found in a Sprint Gurus forum, the Exclaim (so exciting!) is to feature… Read More

  • Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

    There are already plenty of methods for getting photos off a handset and onto the Web or PC, but what if you want to go the other route? Everyone takes along a phone, plus if you have a really good photo of your kid, cat or car it’s likely to be better than what most camera phones can take. Pictavision MediaShare from Exclaim is a new handy-dandy browser plug-in application, which gives… Read More