Send Digital Photos to a Mobile

exclaim.jpgThere are already plenty of methods for getting photos off a handset and onto the Web or PC, but what if you want to go the other route? Everyone takes along a phone, plus if you have a really good photo of your kid, cat or car it’s likely to be better than what most camera phones can take. Pictavision MediaShare from Exclaim is a new handy-dandy browser plug-in application, which gives you an easy to use drag-and-drop tool to send photo content to a mobile phone. The current version of the app is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer, but should be available for other browsers by the end of the year.

Images are dragged and dropped using the MediaShare interface, along with a personal message, which serves as a code on the other end. The text message with a WAP address then lets you open, view and save the images to the phone’s photo gallery.