Ever, once accused of building facial recognition tech using customer data, shuts down consumer app

Cloud photo storage app Ever is shutting down, citing increased competition with the default services offered by Apple and Google as the cause. The company, however, had other issues beyond the plight

Photo app Ever removed its spammy SMS feature after Apple banned it

Score one for the consumer against the indefatigable force of growth hacking. Ever, the photo storage app that we called out in September for spamming SMS contact lists (it rebranded from Everalbum

Everalbum is proof that SMS invite spam still works

Developers call it “growth hacking.” Recipients call it spam. The latest app to engage in the less-than-wholesome practice of asking users to text invite links to your entire contact lis

Fast-Growing Photo App Everalbum, A Chart-Topper On iOS, Comes To Android

There are apps that promise to help you <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2015/10/13/two-new-apps-tackle-the-problem-of-running-out-of-space-on-your-phone/">free up space</a> on your <a href="https://te