TechCrunch Mobility: Cruise robotaxis return and Ford’s BlueCruise comes under scrutiny

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Rivian started a tough year on a flat foot

Rivian has a challenging year ahead — and the first quarter is off to a tepid start. The EV startup announced Tuesday that it built 13,980 vehicles and delivered 13,588 of them in the first quarter

Canoo spent double its annual revenue on the CEO’s private jet in 2023

Tucked inside Canoo’s 2023 earnings report is a nugget regarding the use of CEO Tony Aquila’s private jet — just one of many expenses that illustrates the gap between spending and revenu

Fisker enters into dumpster fire territory and Tesla chases FSD revenue

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Fisker lost track of millions of dollars in customer payments for months

Fisker temporarily lost track of millions of dollars in customer payments as it scaled up deliveries, leading to an internal audit that started in December and took months to complete, TechCrunch has

Tesla is pushing a free one-month trial of its FSD Beta driver-assistance software to US customers

Tesla is about to start giving every customer in the U.S. a one-month trial of its $12,000 driver-assistance system, which it calls Full Self-Driving Beta, provided they have a car with the compatible

Ionobell is turning to recycled silicon to boost EV range

Ionobell, a seed stage startup, claims its silicon material will be cheaper than the established competition.

Bankrupt EV startup Arrival sold its assets to Canoo

Bankrupt commercial EV startup Arrival has sold some of its assets, including advanced manufacturing equipment to Canoo, another struggling startup trying to build and sell electric vehicles. The acqu

Fisker trading suspended by NYSE

The exchange said Monday that Fisker's stock is "no longer suitable for listing" because of "abnormally low" price levels.

Lucid Motors raises another $1 billion from Saudi Arabia as it searches for luxury EV buyers

Lucid Motors is raising another $1 billion from its biggest financial backer, Saudi Arabia, as it looks to blunt the high costs associated with building and selling its luxury electric sedan. The comp

Fisker loses potential Nissan deal, putting rescue funds at risk

The negotiations between Fisker and a large automaker — reported to be Nissan — over a potential investment and collaboration have been terminated, a development that puts a separate near-

Pelikan Mobility is building a software-enabled commercial EV leasing solution

Chances are you may have noticed that many commercial vehicles are now electric vehicles — think delivery vans, telecom minivans, utility maintenance trucks, and so on. But there are still many dies

Amber launches Tesla warranty service to help owners of aging EVs

Owners of aging EVs aren’t exactly flush with options if something breaks after the original warranty expires. One Bay Area startup called Amber thinks it can help them navigate that minefield,

India’s electric two-wheeler startups surge to over 150 as government revs up EV push

The number of startups in India’s electric two-wheeler market has surged to over 150 from 54 in 2021, driven by government incentives to promote clean vehicles and cut oil imports, according to

Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered CR-V isn’t as dumb as you think

Just like battery-electric cars 20 years ago, hydrogen fuel cell cars suffer from the old chicken and the egg problem. Nobody wants to buy a fuel cell vehicle until the supporting infrastructure is in

Rivian starts offering adapters to access Tesla’s Supercharger network

Rivian customers can now request an adapter to tap into Tesla’s vast North American network of Superchargers, making it the second automaker to do so behind Ford. The company announced Monday that i

Fisker pauses production with just $121M in the bank

EV startup Fisker is pausing production of its electric Ocean SUV for six weeks as it scrambles for a cash infusion. The company said in a Monday morning regulatory filing that it had just $121 millio

India cuts import taxes on EVs in win for Tesla’s entry plans

India will lower import taxes on certain electric vehicles for companies committing to invest at least $500 million and setting up a local manufacturing facility within three years, a policy shift tha

TechCrunch Minute: Why little EVs from Rivian and Telo could thaw the EV winter

The great EV boom is fading a bit, but that’s not a concern if you take a long-enough view. Sure, Tesla expects slower growth for its car sales this year, and there are some indications that oth

Rivian’s big bet, Waymo goes driverless in Austin and the Chevy Blazer EV returns

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